Announcing the Release of Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint 2013

Time Tracking and Management provides the functionality necessary for your resources to report their time, and for timesheet managers to view and/or approve/deny reports. If you are also tracking projects and need to compare the difference between the estimated project effort and the actual time spent as reported in the timesheet, Time Tracking and Management also integrates seamlessly with Project Management Central. I am pleased to announce that after many months of hard work the Bamboo team, Time Tracking, and Management is now available for SharePoint 2013.

New Features:


  • Site Template:  The Time Tracking and Management site template provide a centralized and standardized way for employees, team members, and managers to report time, manage timesheets, and view time and cost reports.
  • Customization:  Customize the look and feel of your site with two skin options. Display columns in the timesheet entry and in the reports using a different alias. Hide or show columns in the timesheet entry.


  • Time Management Central: Provide a central location for team members to report and track their time, and for timesheet managers to review and approve timesheets.
  • Time Entry: Detailed timesheets allow team members to accurately report time spent on project tasks. Customizable labor categories allow accurate tracking of administrative time, such as vacation and sick time. Employees can review past timesheets and view future tasks.
  • Cost Tracking: Perform detailed cost calculations to track budgets, internal costs, and billable costs. Team members can report time against different cost centers to accurately assign hours to the correct activity and budget. Management can view detailed information about planned vs. actual work and planned vs. actual cost during the approval process. Provide an option to ensure users enter the cost code when timesheets are saved and submitted.
  • Automatic Task Tracking: Link to a SharePoint Tasks list to automatically add assigned tasks to a team member’s timesheet. Assign multiple resources to the same task and allow the resources to report time separately for it.
  • Integrates with Bamboo Project Management Central: Connect to PM Central to allow project teams to report time spent working on tasks in PM Central projects. Tasks from all projects are aggregated and listed on the project team member’s timesheet. Report actual work and cost from timesheets to PM Central so project managers can compare with project and task estimates.
  • Timesheet Management: Timesheet managers can review timesheets before approving them, and can add comments when approving or rejecting them. Timesheet administrators can conveniently generate timesheets for all team members at one time.
  • Reporting: View resource time and cost reporting period, project, department, and more with Time Management Reporting. Flexible options to show or hide charts and filter data in the reports based on specific fields.
  • Alerts: Set up customizable alerts to remind team members to submit time and alert timesheet managers of timesheets that need the approval to ensure no overdue timesheets.


  • Simple Deployment: Time Tracking and Management features a simple, one-click installation.
  • Central Control Panel: Configure access and manage features from the Time Tracking and Management Control Panel. New Control Panel features, including the ability to save timesheet details to a SharePoint list so you can create ad hoc reports.
  • Time and Cost Configuration Checklists: Configuration checklists simplify setup for time tracking and cost tracking.
  • Policies: Enable validation of maximum working hours per day or per-timesheet period and allow overtime on a per-user basis.
  • Tooltips & Descriptions: Useful tooltips and descriptive instructions on Time Tracking and Management site pages help users get the most out of product features.

To find out how essential this application will be for your organization, try it out for a 30-day free trial. Don’t have time or the environment to install it? Test drive on our sandbox. Again, Time Tracking and Management integrates with Project Management Central. With these two products working together, organizations can plan and track projects, as well as compare the real-time reporting against the project’s planned budget. To get the best rate, contact our Sales team about our Project Management Suite, which includes these two bestsellers, as well as additional components, in the bundle.

Ready to migrate Time Tracking and Management from SharePoint 2010 to 2013?  We’ve got you covered with How to Migrate Bamboo’s Time Tracking and Management from SharePoint 2010 to 2013.  Looking for instructions on How to Integrate Project Management Central Reporting with Time Tracking and Management on SharePoint 2013?  Look no further!

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