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Bamboo and our partners are a team with subject matter expertise in Microsoft 365 commercial, GCC, and GCCH migration. The goal of the CoE is to support others in their migration journey by sharing tips, insights, training, and research. We standardize best practices for company-wide adoption and offer advice on strategic planning, decision-making, and execution.

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What’s included in the Toolkit

A Layman’s Guide to CIS Benchmarks

Understand how using CIS benchmarks can harden the security of your M365 GCC tenant 

What is Microsoft Secure Score and Why Do I Need It?

How Micrsoft Secure Score can help improve your security posture during your M365 GCC migration 


A Layman’s Guide to the CMMC Framework

With CMMC now a requirement for all DOD contractors, it’s more important than ever to understand what the framework includes 

Quick Reference Guide: Comparing Security Standards in M365 Commercial to M365 GCC

A quick guide to how security standards are different between M365 Commercial and M365 GCC 

Communication Guide for Migrations

Advanced communication to your workforce is critical for the success of a migration – here are key things to consider

CIS 2.0 Benchmarks: Exploring the Latest Updates

This essay delves into the latest updates in CIS 2.0 Benchmarks, highlighting their importance in bolstering cybersecurity posture and safeguarding against advanced threats.

Did you know Bamboo has a team of experts that can support your migration? We can help you migrate from anywhere to M365. For government contractors, we can help you stay compliant with a migration to GCC or GCCH. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our team today!



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