Bamboo Partners

Bamboo Partners are part of an international network of technology professionals who can quickly match tailored Bamboo solutions to your SharePoint needs.

8000+ Bamboo customers · Customer base across over 80 countries · 50+ SharePoint solutions

How We Work with Partners

With partners including VARS, system integrators, hosting providers, technology providers and training services, Bamboo Solutions works with professionals who together form a big picture solutions network.

Benefits of Being a Partner

Join a growing network of dedicated technology professionals.
Enjoy a long term, mutually profitable, close working relationship.
Expand your reach
and develop new
business opportunities.

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Use Cases

Every day, SharePoint is being put to work in places you’d least expect it. Whether delivering packages, making pizza, or running trains, Bamboo applications and components are integral, multi-functional tools in use by a wide variety of industries. Learn how we deliver solutions to clients through our partners.

“Many of the requirements requested by Synergy’s clients for SharePoint implementations… would need custom development. Bamboo web parts are not only cost effective, but save time. We can implement the web part in a matter of hours, with any specialized settings the client needs, [where] custom development could take months to code, test and implement.”

Have Questions?

Our Partner FAQs is the place to go to find easy answers to any questions you may have.