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Bamboo Org Chart Plus

Access your SharePoint Online tenant’s organizational chart information through a dynamic interface!

Free version is available.

Overview of Features

Build a customized view of your company’s org chart

Quickly View the Hierarchy

Org Chart Plus leverages Graph API to display SharePoint Active Directory information

  • Data populates automatically with SharePoint Online tenant information
  • Graph API fetches existing data from Active Directory
  • Renders very quickly, no lag time
  • Hovering over a name highlights direct report
  • Clicking on a name pops up a module with more details of the person
  • Use pop-up modules to directly interact with users through teams, email, etc
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View the Data in Multiple Ways

Org Chart Plus allows the user to customize the way the org chart is displayed, and what information is included.

  • Settings allows multiple customization options
  • Select starting node user
  • Filter before the fetch and/or after the fetch to limit search burden
  • Rendering customization options i.e. horizontal vs vertical org chart display
  • Full screen mode option available

Contact User Via M365 Applications

Org Chart Plus is immediately linked into the tenant upon installation and can leverage this information to pop up communication options in any M365 linked application

  • Clicking on an interactive icon from the user’s profile automatically pops up a communication in
    • Teams voice or video call
    • Mail
    • Teams chat
    • Schedule a teams meeting (both you and the user will be automatically on an invite)
    • Call their mobile phone (only if you have your computer set up to perform this function)
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Free and Premium Versions Available!

Org Chart Plus can be downloaded as a free product or a license can be purchased for full experience

  • When downloading the free version you will automatically get a month trial of the premium
  • Features offered in Premium Org Chart Plus only:
    • Customize different modes included Single Page Tree
    • Adjust horizontal/vertical layout
    • Apply advanced filtering
    • Use the Teams voice/video/chat direct from the user module feature
  • If not upgraded to premium by the end of the trial your product will automatically revert to the free version

See Org Chart Plus in Action

Watch our Org Chart Plus video and see how the product interacts. 

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This product is available and fully supported as a perpetual license as an individual purchase.

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Price in USD Per SharePoint Domain

Click here for special pricing offered for small businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions.

Includes Year 1 Product Upgrades and Support*

*Price listed includes first-year maintenance and support for companies under 2,000 users. Year 2 Software Maintenance and Support is calculated as 22% of the price listed.  

For companies with over 2,000 SharePoint users, an additional Enterprise Support Plan cost will be added only once to your account, regardless of the number of products owned, and, in subsequent years, to the total yearly software maintenance and support cost for an account.  More information on the Enterprise Support plan and its costs can be found here