Bamboo Alert Plus

Automatically share customized, conditional email notifications and reminders in SharePoint

Supports Modern sites for SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365

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Push important updates to email inboxes through SharePoint email notification

Keep teams on track across projects with SharePoint online alerts

Gain awareness of team interaction with your data

Send recurring alerts at set intervals until conditions are met

Key Features

Select Triggers

Keep your teams aware when important data changes in a SharePoint list or library

  • Send an email alert when an item is created
  • Send an email alert when an item is modified
  • Send an email alert when an item exists
  • All alerts can have customized business rules and an item exists alerts can be set up to send out recurring alerts
Knowledge Base Web Part

Customized Alerts

Easily set or modify existing alerts in your SharePoint environment

  • Choose any email address(es) as the alert recipient(s)
  • Set any email address as the “From” field for your alerts
  • Customize the subject and body of your alerts with rich text and dynamic SharePoint column selectors.

Manage Alerts

Manage all Alert Plus SharePoint notifications easily for maximum efficiency.

  • Manage alerts in SharePoint by creating, modifying, and deploying customized SharePoint calendar alerts from a centralized interface
  • Disable SharePoint alerts at any time and reenable the service when desired

Azure Information

Alert Plus utilizes azure to run and pull alerts at pre-set intervals, at Bamboo Solutions we strive to provide the most beneficial relationship with our product and as such we have two options available for the using Alert Plus through azure:

Our Azure Environment

Yearly subscription to run Alerts Plus through our azure environment
No data is stored in our Azure environment, simply a pass-through point
We utilize azure secrets and private keys, no username or password information is stored
No need to fuss with standing up and/or maintaining your own azure environment
Email ‘From’ field can be customized so they do not come from Bamboo Solutions’ address

Client Azure Environment

Client application and azure app are sold in perpetual license/maintenance model to the customer
Up to 20 hours of customer service support included in price to help with azure install
Alerts application will pass-through your azure environment


Feature Web Part
Apply alerts to specific lists and/or libraries R
Edit alert content, including rich text and lookups for dynamic content R
Manage your alerts and define their look and feel without developer coding R
Alert on creation, modification, item exists and meets conditions, or deleting an item R
Automatically send recurring alerts at your preferred interval until specified condition is met on the list item in question R
Send and receive alerts to yourself and/or others through the SharePoint alert me function R
Leverage Bamboo Solutions’ azure environment or utilize your own azure environment to send alerts R
Send alerts to users defined in the current list columns R
Send alerts to any set of email addresses R
CC or BCC other users or groups on an alert R
Provide a custom “From” address for alerts R
Manage alerts in a central site R
Alert Plus Web Part


This product when using client’s azure is available and fully supported as a perpetual license as an individual purchase. When using the Bamboo Solutions’ azure this product is a yearly subscription. Non-Production environments are ½ price. Education and Non-Profit pricing are available, please contact sales.

Looking for the On-Premises SharePoint 2013/2016/2019/2022 version of these products? Click Here.

Office 365
Client Azure


Price in USD Per SharePoint Domain

Includes Year 1 Product Upgrades and Support*

Office 365
Bamboo Solution’s Azure


Price in USD Per SharePoint Domain

Includes Year 1 Product Upgrades and Support*

*Price listed includes first-year maintenance and support for companies under 2,000 users.  Year 2 Software Maintenance and Support is calculated as 30% of the price listed.  

For companies over 2,000 SharePoint users, an additional Enterprise Support Plan cost will be added only once to your account, regardless of the number of products owned, and, in subsequent years, to the total yearly software maintenance and support cost for an account.  More information on the Enterprise Support plan and its costs can be found here

SharePoint Online

The cloud parts are functional components that extend your SharePoint Online environment in Microsoft 365.

Supports Classic and Modern sites for SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365


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