Announcing the Release of Essentials Suite for SharePoint 2013

At its core, Microsoft SharePoint is built around the concept of the easy sharing of information. If you’re just getting started with SharePoint, it probably won’t take you long to realize that there are a few things missing from an out-of-the-box installation. The platform has certainly been upgraded over time, especially with its latest release, SharePoint 2013, but functional gaps still remain. What’s important to realize is that SharePoint was built so that it could be extended to fill the gaps, and thousands of Bamboo customers come to us first for help in filling those functional gaps that are missing out of the box.

We’ve seen time and again that customers who would buy one of our popular componentssuch as Calendar Plusto fulfill their needs, would come back to buy other, equally essential components from our portfolio, such as List Rollup. Or, another customer would buy all the tools to help their users manage their passwords, from creating a new account to resetting a password. As a result, we put together a cost-effective package that is a simple and convenient way to start filling those out-of-the-box feature gaps with Bamboo’s world-class library of add-ons and enhancements. It’s called Bamboo Essentials Suite, and it provides you with innovative technology that has been proven to help organizations and users succeed with SharePoint.

Here are some of the areas you can use the tools in this package:

  • Alerts Management – Save time, minimize unnecessary traffic, and keep projects on track automatically by sending customized, conditional email alerts and reminders to users or a group of users.  Notify users when they have tasks overdue when it’s time to change their password, and more.
  •  Visual Presentation – Create visually dynamic, interactive charts that help you make better, more informed business decisions; display incremental progress or any other status in the form of a color-coded bar or a percentage-based progress bar; and more.
  • Calendaring – Keep your company’s events and initiatives on track and up-to-date with color coding. Data from multiple lists can be viewed in the same calendar in a number of different views including Day, Week, Work Week, Month, Quarter, Year, and Gantt.
  • Data Management – Allow users to quickly display data from a SharePoint list or library, SQL table/view, List Rollup Web Part, or Business Connectivity Services (BCS) without having to create special data views, as well as allow users to group, filter, sort, apply calculations, and/or export items to Microsoft Excel.
  • List and Library extensions – Bring the power of InfoPath forms to standard SharePoint lists and libraries. Simply creating a new column in SharePoint, users can quickly add functionality that is typically exclusive to InfoPath forms into SharePoint.
  • Password Management – Provide the ability for users to maintain their own passwords, including changing their passwords, resetting forgotten passwords, and receiving notifications when their password is about to expire.
  • Site Management – Provide the ability for site administrators to offload the bulk of their everyday administration tasks with a comprehensive, self-service user maintenance solution that allows them to regulate site creation as well as create new users, manage alerts, and other routine procedures.

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The Essentials Suite for SharePoint 2013 includes:


·  Alert Plus

·  Task Master

·  Password Reset

·  Calendar Plus Web Part

·  File Share Library

·  SharePoint Navigators

·  List Rollup Web Part

·  List Bulk Import

·  SharePoint Filters Collection

·  Team Calendar

·  List Search Web Part

·  Lookup Selector Column

·  Chart Plus Web Part

·  Password Change

·  Rich Text Column

·  Data-Viewer Web Part

·  User Account Setup Web Part

·  Visual Indicator Column

·  Validator Column

·  Column Level Security

·  Custom Identifier Column

·  KPI Column

·  Rating Column

·  Video Library

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