Bamboo File Share Library

Connect a network file share to a SharePoint document library

Overview of Features

SharePoint and File Share Combined for Effective Management and Collaboration

No Migration

Familiarity, reliability and convenience enhance the file sharing experience.

  • Access and manage content stored in network file shares directly from SharePoint
  • Display all content from all sources side by side in your document library
  • Content is displayed in a familiar SharePoint document library interface
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Many Files, One Location

Find what you need in one place, at one time, regardless of file size.

  • Display SharePoint and file share content side by side
  • Quickly change where files are stored, for easy management and collaboration
  • No more time-wasting restrictions based on limitations to file size uploads

SharePoint Powered

Enhance management and collaboration while keeping all the benefits that SharePoint brings.

  • SharePoint features, including permissions and security trimming, are applied to File Share content
  • File share content is synced for continuously up-to-date data
  • Manage document folders, upload files, search content, set alerts or trigger workflows in a familiar environment

Key Benefits

Enhance File Sharing for Effective Collaboration
Prioritize and meet deadlines effectively

No migration needed. Easy to set up and use

Prioritize and meet deadlines effectively

Content synced and stored in a SharePoint interface

Prioritize and meet deadlines effectively

Quickly change where files are stored

Prioritize and meet deadlines effectively

Apply SharePoint security trimming and permissions

More Features

Data Sources

Easy Integration

File Shares work like a SharePoint document library, with permissions and ribbon controls
Data Sources

Large File Support

File Share Library displays files that are too large to be uploaded to SharePoint.
Data Sources

Hybrid Content

Display content from SharePoint, file shares or both side by side in the same document library.
Data Sources

Smarter Storage

Make use of existing storage options and free up space in SharePoint.
Data Sources

Flexible Syncs

Ensure files are up-to-date with scheduled or end user-triggered synchronizations.
Data Sources

Simple Archiving

Users can move files from SharePoint or the file share to a specified archive location.
Data Sources

Broader Access

Allow users to manage file share content without requiring direct access to the network.
Data Sources

Power Settings

Granular options provide powerful functions, such as automatic archiving and bulk file migration.
Data Sources

Share Selectively

Users can include or exclude specific file share folders and subfolders from being synced.

See File Share Library in Action

Watch our File Share Library video and see for yourself how easy it could be for your business to replace file sharing limitations with advanced file management.
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This product is available and fully supported as a perpetual license as an individual purchase. Non-Production environments are ½ price. Education and Non-Profit pricing is available, please contact sales.


SharePoint 2016/2019/2022


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Includes Year 1 Product Upgrades and Support*

No Migration, No Upload Limitations.

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