Filters Collection

Enable your users to instantly filter the data received by Web Parts


Filters Collection includes a full range of programmable List Filters that let portal visitors quickly filter the data received by any Web Part that supports standard Web Part Connections, without the heavy cost of Enterprise features or the resource drain that comes with running Excel Services. Instead, the Filters Collection lets you customize Choice, Date, Text, and Current User filters, connect them to a Web Part, and have them up and running in minutes. Best of all, the collection also includes the Bamboo List Filter Web Part, which enables you to create complex, multi-column filters for List View Web Parts that are easy to make, and even easier to use.

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Feature Details

Here are just some of the things you can do with the Filters Collection:

  • Filter the data received by any Web Part that supports a standard Web Part Connection.
  • Build custom filters based on Choice, Date, Current User, or Text values.
  • Filter by multiple values (if supported by the Web Part consuming the data).
  • Apply multi-level, custom filters to List View Web Parts.
  • Enter filter values easily, with filter Web Parts that automatically detect column types and provide corresponding UI elements (people picker, drop down menus, find as you type).
  • Append customized string data to the beginning or end of filter values.
  • Restrict filter selections to the values contained in a list column from another site.
  • Clear the selected filter with a single click.
  • Seamlessly extract profile data from the currently logged in user for use in filtering list data.
  • SharePoint Administrators can create customized filtering interfaces that access values including everything from the current date to elements of the currently logged in user’s profile. With on-the-fly filtering capabilities, users won’t need to create views to eliminate extraneous data.
  • SharePoint Administrators can access the kind of powerful filtering ordinarily available only in expensive MOSS Enterprise environments, and can do it without losing server resources to required background features like Excel Services — making filtering cheaper and faster without sacrificing high-end functionality.
  • Everyday users spend less time sorting enormous lists, or watching hundreds of list items eat up screen real estate, and more time seeing the information they need presented instantly, whether that’s in a standard list view, a calendar, or another Web Part consuming filtered data. The possibilities are literally endless!

The Choice, Date, Text, and Current User filters work almost exactly the same as they do in MOSS Enterprise; simply add the Filter to a page, and create a standard Web Part connection between the Filter, and the Web Part to be filtered. Then, configure the column (things like input choices, maximum string length, and other properties, many of which are optional), and you’re done.

The Bamboo List Filter Web Part is slightly different; it is specifically designed to connect to a List View Web Part. Once you’ve established a connection, configure the filter by adding as many filter columns as you’d like, and ordering them as you see fit. The Web Part will automatically detect many column types, and provide the appropriate interface for users to enter values with (drop downs, date pickers, people pickers, etc.). When you’re done, click OK, and start filtering.


This product is available and fully supported as a perpetual license as an individual purchase. Non-Production environments are ½ price. Education and Non-Profit pricing are available, please contact sales.

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