How to Use Bamboo Web Parts When Creating a New Web Application After Manual Installation on the SharePoint 2013 Server

Almost all Bamboo products use Telerik controls. Certain Telerik features don’t render on Web applications in SharePoint 2013 Server, however, so if we try to create a new Web application after a manual installation, we’re unable to activate the feature for use. We can only remove and reinstall the product. This is obviously an unacceptable limitation, so to resolve this, we will show you how to run PowerShell to activate the feature and deploy it as a solution for a new Web application.

For example: In your server has three Web applications, such as http://servername, http://servername:40, and http://servername:81…

First, run a manual installation for the existing Web applications above:

Once complete, create one more Web application (e.g., http://servername:82):

Now, I will show you how to deploy it.

Go to the misc. folder to see the WebconfigModification.ps1 file:

Next, open the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell program and run as administrator:

Input the URL of the misc. folder into the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell program and press Enter (e.g., cd C:UsersspinstallerDesktopSA06.R1.3.SP2013.SLmisc):

Input .WebconfigModification.ps1. Press Enter:

Enter the Web application URL where you need to deploy the solution (e.g., http://servername:82):

Press Enter:

Go to Site SettingsSite Collection Features to see the product features:

Initially, the status of the product feature is inactive:

Click the Activate button:

Go to Site Content to create a new site template for the product:

Any Web Parts on the site will show error messages since we have not deployed for them yet:

To resolve these errors, go to Central Administration → System Settings Manage farm Solutions → Click on the WSP link of your product and click the Deploy Solution hyperlink.

Select the Web application that you want to use. Click the OK button:

Go back to your site and press F5 to refresh the page. Everything should render correctly now:

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