How to Manually Install a Bamboo Product on the SharePoint 2013 Server

Typically, Bamboo products are installed on a server by simply selecting the Install button for the product components in the Setup program. If you choose, however, you may also install our products via another simple method. In this article, I will show you how to manually install a Bamboo product on the SharePoint 2013 Server.


Double-click on the Setup program; you will see a folder shown on the desktop as pictured below:

Go to the misc. folder to see the ManualInstallation.ps1 file:

Next, open the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell program and Run as administrator:

Input the URL of the misc. folder into the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell program and press Enter:

(Ex: cd C:UsersspinstallerDesktopSA06.R1.3.SP2013.SLmisc)

Input.ManualInstallation.ps1. Press Enter:

Enter the Web application URL where you need to deploy the solution.

Example: http://servername or http://servername:100:

Input Yes if you want Automatic Feature Activation.

Input No if you don’t want Automatic Feature Activation.

Press Enter and wait for the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell program to begin running.

When you see the command line “Installation Complete and review the result,” then it has finished.

You may now see the result going from your site → Site SettingsSite collection features:

You will see that the Feature Status of the product is Active:

Go to Central Administration → Solution Management → you will see that all of the WSP files have been deployed:

Finally, go to your site to add the Web Part to your page:

It appears on your site as expected:

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