This Week in Bamboo (February 7th, 2010 – February 13th, 2010)

It is so exciting to announce that our newest product, Workflow Conductor (Release 1.0) is now available at the Bamboo storefront. Workflow Conductor provides a straightforward, intuitive user interface which allows you to easily create and manage custom workflows in SharePoint. Want to learn more about Workflow Conductor? What does it do? How does it work?  Check out our storefront for the 30-day free trial download.

We also have some minor releases this week: SharePoint Project Management Central (Release 1.7) with new features designed to improve performance (see the Product Release Announcement Blog for more details). Data Viewer Web Part (Release 3.0) offers new features which allow users to add a new item through the DV interface if displaying items from a list or library. And with the new release of SharePoint Task Master (Release 1.7), users can display Task items in batches of a specified size. More information on all of the changes can be found below, along with enhancements, bug fixes and known issues related to additional products.

SA08 Workflow Conductor (R1.0)

Initial Release.

The following issues are known for this release:

  • Conductor does not support Windows 2008 Server when running with UAC enabled.  The symptom is that you will not see the Studio diagram and the Database configuration will fail.
  • Load balancing WFE is not supported in this release.
  • In some instances, after the workflow is started, the status will show as “In Progress” if you are looking the status page before the WF actually completed.  Press F5 to refresh will solve the problem.


  • There are some instances where drag and drop widgets on the Studio diagram are not reliable:
    o You can only drop widget while zoom level is set at 100%
    o When the scroll bar is visible and is at the right most of the view area in the Central Admin General Setting page, the SMTP secured connection option is not supported.
    o When you have more than 30 widgets, the drag and drop functions might be a little slower and unreliable as you scroll to the right.
  •  When you delete a widget from the diagram, the property of the widget will remain displayed.


  • When you perform a look up to a SharePoint list and the filter was created in such a way that the results can be more than one item (for example, query for item that has status = open), only the first item in the result set will be used.  This is usually based on the oldest item in the set.
  • If you are using lookup and filter for a user account who logged in as System Account.  This situation happens when you log in to SharePoint using the same account that you used to install and create SharePoint farm.
  • The Request and Approval widget does not send email when task is overdue.


  • When you un-install Conductor, the Conductor Control Panel tab is not removed.
  • When you arrange the Widget Category in the Central Admin setting, the selected widget will be lost if you page forward.

SA12 SharePoint PM Central (R1.7):


  • “Bamboo Update Summary List” feature is automatically updated from the top site.
  • “Bamboo Project Level KPI” Feature is automatically updated from the project site.
  • “Bamboo Update Task, Issue, Project Health Lists” Timer Job: This timer job updates Project Name in Task list and updates some values for Project StartDate, Project EndDate and % Complete columns in Project Health list. This timer is scheduled to run every 10 minutes. This job will created when the feature is installed.
  • “Bamboo Update Project Sites” Timer Job: Added a function to check version when upgrading. This timer job is run once for every upgrade. Removed upgrade feature buttons from Project Site and Project Top Setting pages.
  • Cost Update button will calculate Cost, Actual Cost and Remaining Cost for each Summary Task in the Task List. To improve performance, where Cost calculation via the feature receiver is no longer used.
  • Adding hyperlink on the All Tasks page to allow user to click on to go to Cost View to update Cost.
  • Improving performance for loading the project schedule via Task Master Web Part.
  • Allowing items in the project schedule for tasks to display in multiple pages via Task Master Web Part.
  • Improving performance, look and feek for Data-Viewer Web Part.
  • Improving performance for List Rollup Web Part.
  • Setup Screen: Include warning and KB articles for users to follow before starting the installation.

Bug Fixed:

  • Fix undispose objects shown in SharePoint log when index search is running on PM Central sites. See undispose notes in Limitations section.
  • Adding filter with condition Due Date < [Today] and % completed! = 100% for Late View.
  • Improve performance of MS Project Add-in.
  • Show over allocated with Red color if a resource is either over allocated per day or month.
  • Request time out when 300 users are assigned to 300 tasks.


  • Can only support tasks list with 500 items or less. See Task Master Release Notes Limitations section for using Task Master with a large SharePoint list.
  • There are warnings in SharePoint log about undisposed objects. However, these are just warnings from Microsoft that some SharePoint Web objects exist in the current thread.


  • Chart Plus Web Part R2.5 or newer version.
  • Data-Viewer Web Part R3.0 or newer version.
  • List Rollup Web Part R4.3 or newer version.
  • SharePoint Navigators R1.3 or newer version.
  • SharePoint Task Master Web Part R1.7 or newer version.
  • Tree View Web Part R1.7 or newer version.

HW37 Data Viewer Web Part (R3.0)


  • Use Bamboo License 2.6 and Web License Manager 1.2. (Note: User needs to upgrade WLM1.X to WLM1.2 in order to activate the license).
  • Use new Telerik control which requires AJAX extension setup.
  • Allow users to add a new item through the DV interface if displaying items from a list or library.

Bug Fixed:

  • Tried to configure the Web Part to show 2 nested lists but couldn’t get the parent column selected.
  • Don’t show icon type as document library list.
  • Using a SQL data source, Web Part doesn’t allow sum on the column like hours (Number).
  • Error when clicking the “Edit” icon in every item when connected to SharePoint config SQL tables.
  • Show wrong data of LRU during Sort Setting.
  • Error exporting data from Data Viewer when column title has special charaters. Related limitation R3.0: A column Name contains special characters will be encoded before export and will be shown as an encoded string in Excel.

Current Limitations & Known Issues:

  • Right now the List View in the tool part is not used to filter for data. Filter setting in the tool part is used to filter for data. Note: We will have option to either use 1) List View or 2) Filtering criteria in the tool part in next patch update.
  • We have to right justify all calculated column types (for both number or text output).
  • List Rollup mode: unable to filter for some column data type = percent number, currency (when decimal >1), Date Time, calculate number (when decimal >1), calculated date time, calculate YesNo.
  • Show Edit icon when performing calculation of the group by column.
  • Column Names containing special charaters will be encoded before export and will be shown as encoded string in Excel.
  • List Rollup needs to be in the sites that have the same language as the Data Viewer for the Data Viewer to display correctly.
  • No support for Parent and Child Lists that are linked by People Column and Lookup Column when these columns have multiple values.
  • Export raw data values for List Rollup mode for column data types = datetime, Calculate (datetime, number, currency, datetime, text, yes, %number), Person (single, multi), Lookup (single, multi).
  • No support for filtering multiple people. Filter for 1 person using “Contain” clause.
  • When the items are grouped together the total number of items in a group are not displayed correctly. The number of items in the group by is the number of items on a page, not the entire list.
  • Web Part shows an extra line when expanding or collapsing in Skin web20.
  • SharePoint List Mode – Operator of Calculated Setting is shown inside group.
  • If group is a number, the Web Part will sort as string.
  • SharePoint List Mode: Multi Selection Lookup does not appear for in line editing mode.
  • Users need to export Parent and Child data separately. Parent and Child relation can’t be exported to the same Excel Sheet.
  • Collapsing nested data collapses groups instead.

HW45 SharePoint Task Master (R1.7)


  • Use Bamboo License 2.6 and Web License Manager 1.2. (Note: Users need to upgrade WLM1.X to WLM1.2 in order to activate the license).
  • Allow users to display Task items in batches of specified size. This option can be selected in the tool part Gantt View Display Settings section. This is for improving Task Master performance for displaying a large number of items in a selected Gantt scale view.  See Limitations section.

Bug Fixed:

  • Performance issue with the Task Master for lists with 80 items.
  • Re-ordering of WBS doesn’t work in R1.5 or R1.6.
  • CreateChildControls::System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when clicking on Recalculate buttons for lists which have 700+ items.
  • Fixes to improve Gantt Chart loading performance and speed up the Recalculate buttons.


  • Recalculate button needs to enforce several business logic and constraints set by users in the tool part. A large number of items or a complex relationship between list items in a large list will affect the Recalculate button performance. The Web Part page might time out or show other unexpected errors. It is best when it is used with a list which has 500 items or less.  We will allow users to execute the Recalculate Button logic with background processes in R2.0.
  • Displaying a large number of items in a Gantt Scale view will also affect the performance if Task Master Loading. It is recommended that 1) the user narrow down the number of items displaying in a view by selecting a smaller Gantt View (Month View instead of Year View, for example) or 2) Select option to display list items in batches specified size in the tool part.

HW05 Alert Plus Web Part (R2.8)


  • Use Bamboo License 2.6 and Web License Manager 1.2. (Note: Users need to upgrade WLM1.X to WLM1.2 in order to activate the license).

Bug fixed:

  • Error with _ModStat.
  • Email is not sent out when item is created in Document Library using Reglar Lookup or Bamboo Lookup Column in the send to email column.
  • Send 2 emails when copy item in Alert Plus Web Part.
  • Don’t send Alert when comparing value of lookup column to None/Null value.
  • Allow users to use active directory group added to SharePoint group.
  • Time delay issue.

HW14 Group Email Web Part (R1.7.3)

Bug Fixed:

  • Unable to send Internet link image.
  • Undispose SharePoint objects.

HW24 List Roll Up Web Part (R4.3.8)

Bug Fixed:

  • Performance issue in PM Central due to custom columns in List Rollup.
  • Fix undipose objects. See Limitation.


  • There are warnings in the SharePoint log about undiposed objects. However, these are just warnings from Microsoft that some SharePoint Web objects exist in the current thread.

HW41J Bamboo KPI Column (R1.3.10)

Bug fixed:

  • After creating a new site, creating Custom KPI list contain KPI field, this field counts the number of items in a custom list. Create new group with contribute permission level and add user into the group. Login as a user in this new group, get Access Denied error to this custom list. Note: users need to reapply permission to the custom List after installing this patch update.
  • Fix undispose object.

HW03 Tree View Web Part (R1.7.21)

Bug Fixed:

  • Authentication Prompt on Anonymous Access.
  •  Fix undisposed object.

BW04 PDF Conversion (R1.7)

Bug fixed:

  • Internal bug fixes.

HW18 List Bulk Import (R1.9.14):

Bug Fixed:

  • Internal bug fixes.

HW33 List Bulk Export (R1.3.11)

Bug Fixed:

  • Internal bug fixes.

HW55 SharePoint Navigator (R1.3.3)

Bug Fixed:

  • Fix undisposed SharePoint Object.


  • There are warnings in the SharePoint log about undiposed objects. However, these are just warnings from Microsoft that some SharePoint Web objects exist in the current thread.

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