In/Out Schedule Board 1.4 New Features Spotlight, Part 2: How to Adjust the Column Width in the Calendar

In/Out Schedule Board is an easy-to-use, all-in-one digital whiteboard designed to centralize scheduling and contact information for teams and groups. Our latest release, In/Out Schedule Board 1.4, includes a host of new features and capabilities to help you continue to quickly group, sort, and scan the current status of your team members via a color-coded Schedule Board, or review schedule conflicts and future engagements in a Gantt-style calendar.

To help introduce you to In/Out Schedule Board 1.4, we have put together a new User’s Guide series that will highlight the product’s newest and most popular features. Here in Part Two, we will show you how to adjust the column width in the Calendar. This function allows users to enter the width for columns.

How to adjust the column width in the Calendar

Go to the tool pane in the Calendar tab and navigate to the Column Settings section.

If you select the All Display Columns checkbox, all columns will display with the same width (px).

If you uncheck the All Display Columns checkbox, you can manually input different widths for each column.

In the following example, I have inputed different column widths for my items.

Select Location Column: 200 (px)

Display Name Column: 150 (px)

Gantt: 100 (px)

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