How to Use the Note Board Web Part in SharePoint 2013

Need to have a quick exchange with friends and co-workers but don’t want to start a formal discussion board list?  With the Note Board Web Part for SharePoint 2013, you can quickly and easily post notes to your SharePoint site.  In this post, we’ll walk you through how to add the Note Board Web Part to your SharePoint environment, as well as how to manage and post notes.

Add “Note Board Web Part” to your site:

  • On the Edit Page, select the Insert Web Part tab. From there, select Social Collaboration from Categories, and then Note Board from the Parts list:
  • Upon completing the steps above, you should see the following:

Manage your Note Board and post notes:

  • To post a note to your Note Board, simply input text into the text box. Once completed, click Post and the note will be published.
  • Please note that, as the author of a post, you are able to both edits as well as delete posts that you have made.
  • Additionally, a user with Full Control permission on a site can delete their own posts, as well as posts from other users that have been posted to the Note Board.
  • Lastly, a user with Design permission cannot delete posts from other users to the Note Board.

Set posting limits for your Note Board:

  • To begin, go to the Tool Panel and click Modify Web Part. From here, you are able to adjust the settings for your Note Board, including its layout and note count:
  • After you have configured your settings for posting set limits, you can click on Previous and Next to navigate through the different pages on your Note Board.

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