Discussion Board Plus 2.0, Part 3: How to Create Private Discussions and Replies

Sometimes, you may not want to share your topic with everyone in a Discussion Board Plus list. To limit access to a select few, you can use the private topic. I personally think this is one of the best features in Discussion Board 2.0.

For example, when User 1 creates a private topic and shares it with User 2, 3, and 4, they each will receive an email alert once the topic is created. They can also access/respond to the topic.
Note: Only users who belong to the permission group have rights to create the private topic. To easily understand, please refer to the permission table below:


Recipient/ Topic Owner



Full Control

Site Collection

System Account

Create Topic






Share With







Access Topic







Get Alert Notification







* Yes, if the user has Full Control permission level.

** Yes, alert sent to the Recipients only.


To create a private topic on Discussion Board Plus, first create a new list. Go to the Forum Settings on the ribbon to enable Private Topic.

In the Forum Settings, the Private Topics can be enabled.

You will see the Add
new discussion as private
at the bottom Discussion Board Plus list.

Click Add new
discussion as private
 option to create a new private topic. The Share Topic column will now show in the New Item form. Here, we can share topics with users or groups to follow. Remember that users and groups must be added to the list before sharing to follow the list permission.

After creating the private topic, you will see the recipients list shown on the top of topic. Only listed users can access the topic.

Moreover, each of the recipients will automatically receive an email alert after the private topic is created.

In Release 1.5, Discussion Board Plus follows the out-of-the-box SharePoint discussion method that posts a user’s reply to the bottom of the thread automatically. Discussion Board Plus 2.0 now allows users to select the option to reply with or without a quote.

To begin, create a new Discussion Board Plus list. Add some discussions, then a reply. You will see three options: Reply, Reply with quote, and Private Reply.

If you
select the Reply option, it will
show the New Item form without text.


If you select Reply with quote, the New Item automatically includes the discussion to the bottom.

To make your reply private, create a new Discussion Board Plus list.

Go to the Forum Settings on the ribbon to enable Private Reply. In the Forum Settings, the Private Reply can be turned on or off.

Go to your list, create a new topic, and then create a Reply selecting the Private Reply option.

The Private reply will be indicated an icon.

Moreover, the recipient will receive an email alert as shown below:

Want more Discussion Board Plus?  Check out the rest of our User Guide series, or download a free 30-day trial today:

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