Discussion Board Plus 2.0, Part 1: Introduction to Features and How to Select More Than One “Verified As Answer”

In organizations today, teams are often located in different locations and time zones. With organizational challenges such as these, the ability to provide the correct answers to users’ questions with reliable findability is critical. SharePoint out-of-the-box provides users with the Discussion Board for organizations and teams to collaborate. Bamboo initially added critical features to the Discussion Board to improve findability via sticky, verify answers, rating, view counts, etc., with Discussion Board Plus in 2011. However, the latest version, Discussion Board Plus 2.0 for SharePoint 2010 has incredible new features including:

  • Selecting more than one “Verified As Answer”
  • Using Paging on Discussion Board Plus list
  • Previous Topic/Next Topic
  • Tagging
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Multiple Reply Options
  • Forum Layout
  • Like Button
  • Create Private Discussion
  • Send an Email Alert automatically when creating a Private Discussion
  • Create Private Reply
  • Send an Email Alert automatically when creating a Private Reply
  • Move topics between Discussion Board Plus lists
  • Send Email Alert automatically when moving topics between Discussion Board Plus lists

With Release 1.5, Discussion Board Plus only allowed users to select one Verified as Answer for each discussion. This can be a limitation if your discussion has a lot of answers. In this post, I’ll show you how to select more than one Verified as Answer in your discussion.

To select more than one Verified as Answer, create a new Discussion Board Plus list and go to Forum Settings in the ribbon.

In Post Settings, select the Multiple answers radio button and press OK.

Go to your discussion. You can select more than one Verified as Answer as pictured below.

The Verified Answers will be sorted by posted time.

Note: Private Reply is not permitted to Verify as Answer.

In the event, you change a Single Answer to Multiple Answers or Multiple Answers to a Single Answer:

Case 1: If changing from Single Answer to Multiple Answers, you can select more than one Verify as Answer after changing.

Case 2: If changing from Multiple Answers to a Single Answer, and your discussion has more than one Verify as Answer, then it will keep all verified answers once changed. When you verify a new answer, it moves all previously verified answers down and only shows the newest answer.

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