Calendar Plus Web Part 4.5 User’s Guide, Part 1: Introduction to Preferences and General Settings

Calendar Plus
Web Part

has long been an indispensable tool (and a bestseller), with which you can display events and tasks on a calendar from various data sources, such as SharePoint lists, List Rollup,
SQL databases, and BDC/BCS. With our latest release, Calendar
Plus Web Part 4.5
, we’ve included a host of new features such as: Runtime
Filter View for multiple lists; more columns available to select for filtering;
the ability to sort in Gantt view; and the ability to dynamically filter
calendars using Web Part Connections and List Filter Web Part.

help celebrate the release of Calendar
Plus Web Part 4.5
, we have put together a brand-new series that will walk
you through how to use the product’s newest and most popular features.  Here in Part 1, we will introduce you to
Calendar Plus’ Preferences menu as well as some of the general settings

Preferences: General Settings

In the Calendar Plus Web Part Settings
menu, click on General Settings under the heading Preferences.  In the General
menu, you are able to define the general behavior of the Calendar
Plus Web Part by configuring these settings.
There are a number of different variables that you can configure from
this menu:

  • Select
    a Calendar default view to be displayed when the user opens the
    page. You can choose between the Year View, Month View, Week View, Work
    Week View, Day View, or Task View.
  • Display the
    Color Legend
    on the bottom, left, or right of the Web Part.
  • Display
    the Toolbar
    in the Web Part. The toolbar makes Calendar
    Views, creating new items, and printing available to end users. To
    restrict users from accessing these features, you can hide the toolbar
    altogether, or you can hide the individual features from the toolbar (see
    next bulleted item).
  • Select
    Calendar Views to be shown on the Toolbar.

    Select the Calendar views and features to show on the toolbar. By default,
    all of the views and features are selected. To remove an item from the
    toolbar, either clear the check box or select the item in the Selected
    Display Modes
    list box, then click the < button. From the
    Selected Display Modes list box, use the Up and Down buttons to change the
    order in which the views are displayed on the toolbar.
  • Define
    the Maximum Number of Items Displayed in a cell in Month,
    Quarter, and Year views. If the number of items is greater than the
    maximum number allowed, a More link is displayed in the cell. When
    the user clicks More, the Day view is displayed, showing all items.
  • Select
    the Disable Item Link in Calendar check box to restrict users from
    clicking an item from the Calendar and editing it.
  • You
    can set the Text Wrap and Height of the Display Text to show
    multiple lines of text for the column you select as the Display Column
    (which is configured in the Data Source Settings). If enabled, this
    setting is applied to all item cells in the calendar.
  • Set
    the Web Part to automatically adjust the height and width to fit the
    Web Part zone
    or specify a custom height and width. NOTE:
    The minimum width is 750 and the minimum height is 100).
  • Select
    the Item Quick Actions you want to make available to your end
    users. Select Quick Delete to allow users to delete the item from
    the calendar by clicking a small X icon in the right corner of the item.
    When this feature is enabled, the X icon only shows when you mouseover the item. Select Reoccurring Event Icon to show
    an icon in the left corner of an item to indicate it is a reoccurring
  • Determine
    whether to Base the Calendar on a Single Date or Interval.
    Selecting Single Date changes the Data Source Settings so that you
    can select only one date column. Selecting Interval (Start to End)
    changes the Data Source Settings so that you can select a date column to
    represent the Start Date and another date column to represent the End

Look and Feel

In the Calendar
Plus Web Part Settings
menu, click on Look and Feel under the
heading Preferences.  From the
Look and Feel screen, you
can configure the following:

  • Customize
    the calendar style by selecting a default
    calendar skin
    or customizing
    the CSS.
    The look and feel of the Web Part can be further
    customized by editing the custom CSS file in the setting pane. See Styling
    the Web Part
    for more information.
  • In the Draw Item Cell Borders
    field, select Yes
    to display calendar items in a box style with a border.

Select a language

In the Calendar
Plus Web Part Settings
menu, click on Select a language under the
heading Preferences.  Select the
language to be displayed in both the Settings screen and in the Web Part.  Available languages include: Spanish,
Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Italian, and Swedish.


Want more Calendar Plus
Web Part 4.5
?  Check out
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