Announcing the Release of Project Management Central 4.1 for SharePoint 2010

[UPDATE]  Project Management Central 4.1 is now available for SharePoint 2013.

In project management, project managers and project teams manage many different aspects relating to project management, including issue management, risk management, task management, and resource management. However, the functions related to the triple constraint (cost, scope, and schedule) are at the heart of project management, since the goal of any project is to get things done on time and within budget, without having to sacrifice quality. Project Management Central is Bamboo’s bestselling application and is utilized daily by users the world over for its ease in handling the triple constraint. As mentioned in my Task Master release announcement, being able to assign multiple resources with adjustable allocation to the same task has been a popular request from our customers. Another request that we hear often is for improvements to the import/export and sync tasks between PM Central and Microsoft Project. In the version 4.1 release, we have provided improvements to these two functions, and we are also introducing new functions/enhancements for components that are included with PM Central, such as Calendar Plus Web Part, Data-Viewer Web Part, and Navigators. The new release(s) will be available in about a month for SharePoint 2013.

Here are the details:

New Features:

  • Add a Reset Order Column button under the Show or Hide columns of list forms tool to allow users to reset the order of the columns in Edit form, New Form, View Form, and List Settings for the Tasks list and the Project Health list based on the column ordering settings.
  • New Bamboo Microsoft Project Add-in:
    • Uses InstallShield
    • Compatible with both Microsoft Project 2013 (32-bit or 64-bit) and Microsoft Project 2010 (32-bit or 64-bit). Note: Using Bamboo Microsoft Project Add-in with Microsoft Project 2013 or Microsoft Project 2010, users can import, export, and sync tasks to both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010.

New Features in Components:

  • See Calendar Plus Web Part R4.5 Release Notes for more information.
    • Runtime Filter View now is available for multiple lists.
    • More columns are available to select for filtering, as well as using the combination of columns to filter when using the List Filter Web Part.
    • Dynamically filter the calendars using Web Part Connections.
    • Sort the Gantt view based on certain criteria/columns.
    • Ability to sort in Gantt view.
    • Define the position of the legends to display in relation to each other, as in a row (horizontal), or in a column (vertical).
  • See Data-Viewer Web Part R3.6 Release Notes for more information.
    • Allow adding new nested list items directly from the Data-Viewer Web Part.
    • Allow for the display of all items without folders, or showing items within folders.
    • Allow setting of formatting for the column headers.
    • Allow for the printing of data.
    • Allow Inherit Site Theme for skin and font style.
  • See SharePoint Navigators R1.5 Release Notes for more information.
    • Allow users to use the mega menu (Mega menu is a two-dimensional menu that allows users to display a large, sitemap-like menu, expand menus, or link to pages with additional navigation.):
      • Drop-down menus are displayed when a mouse hovers over the top-level menu bar.
      • Allows images in the drop-down menu.
      • Menu items are defined in the Navigators list.
    • Allow users to set the size, color, and/or alignment of the individual TabStrip and menu.
    • Allow showing two levels for the TabStrips.
    • Allow users to show an icon for the TabStrip, menu, and icon.
    • Allow users to set the orientation of the TabStrips and menus.
    • Allow users to go directly to the page from the link, or open the link in another window.
    • Allow users to configure skin and font style via the tool pane configuration or using a custom style sheet (CSS) or inherit from the site theme.
    • Allow users to delete the Navigators list and/or manually create the Navigators list through the tool pane.
    • Allow more than one navigator per site adding a “Navigation” view column to the Bamboo Navigators list, so it is easier for customers to have more than one navigator per site and the Web Part can use different views.
    • Allow users to show the number of sub-items next to the menu item.

If you are new to project management on SharePoint and have the need for a project management tool, try out PM Central on our sandbox and/or sign up for a free webinar.

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