Bamboo Navigator

Organize your content with a SharePoint online global navigation bar that persists throughout the site collection and organize your pages’ multiple web parts – including list views and document libraries – into a single, tabbed interface specific to each page.

Supports Modern sites for SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365

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Maximize page real estate and prevent overwhelming your users with too much content

Smart logic preserves SharePoint functionality for each tab

Users only see tabs with content relevant to them

Easily customize and professionalize your SharePoint environment

Features are available for both the modern and classic SharePoint Online experiences

Two for one! When purchasing this product, you are buying both Global Navigators and Tabify for one comprehensive navigating experience

Key Features

Intuitive, Interactive Interface

  • Click any of the tabs to display the corresponding content
  • The “tabbed” content is kept intact and safely hidden when another tab is clicked
  • Options for a global SharePoint quick launch bar at the top of your site collection and a page specific navigator to help maximize potential on every level
Knowledge Base Web Part

Global Navigation

Create your own professional, and custom looking navigator bar

  • SharePoint Online Global Navigation persists at the site collection level
  • Quickly and easily update your SharePoint quick launch bar by updating a SharePoint list
  • Custom icons using office UI fabric icons are available for each item in your SharePoint site navigation


SharePoint Online Global Navigation that is applicable to a page which helps quickly jump between available web parts

  • Available on both Modern and Classic SharePoint Online pages
  • Take a bustling, cluttered page and turn it into an easily navigable and efficient viewing experience
  • Headers for tabify auto-populate based on the Web Parts you have available on that page
  • Works with SharePoint Online out-of-the-box web parts AND third party web parts
Knowledge Base Web Part

Fast & Easy Configuration


This “smart” Web Part knows which web parts to convert to tabs.

  • All web parts that exist in the same web part zone are automatically “tabbed”
  • Navigator automatically displays the tabs in the same order that the web parts appear in the web part zone
  • Pick the tab background color to better fit your theme


Mirrors SharePoint out-of-the-box behavior

While our SharePoint quick launch global navigator appears much sleeker than SharePoint’s OOB navigation system, you still enjoy OOB functionalities such as:

  • Two options for permission setting at the SharePoint settings menu item level
    • Users can see navigation items based on permissions in the Navigator Menu list, or,
    • Users will only see items in the global navigator if they have permission to access the destination item or page. 
  • Smooth and responsive drop-down system with no glitches
  • No hang time or lag time in between link clicks, our navigator is as responsive as if SharePoint had built it itself (possibly even better!)
Navigator Web Part


This product is available and fully supported as a perpetual license as an individual purchase. Non-Production environments are ½ price. Education and Non-Profit pricing are available, please contact sales.

Looking for the On-Premises SharePoint 2013/2016/2019/2022 version of these products? Click Here.
Office 365


Price in USD Per SharePoint Online Domain

Includes Year 1 Product Upgrades and Support*

*Price listed includes first year maintenance and support for companies under 2,000 employees.  Year 2 Software Maintenance and Support is calculated as 22% of price listed.  

For companies over 2,000 employees, an additional Enterprise Support Plan cost will be added only once to your account, regardless of the number of products owned, and, in subsequent years, to the total yearly software maintenance and support cost for an account.  More information on the Enterprise Support plan and its costs can be found here

Coming Soon: Mega Menu is currently being developed and will soon be available as part of the SharePoint Site Navigation products!

SharePoint Online

The cloud parts are functional components that extend your SharePoint Online environment in Microsoft 365.

Supports Classic and Modern sites for SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365


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