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Bamboo Data-Viewer

Analyze data from various sources within SharePoint using a single, customizable grid view solution

Supports Modern sites for SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365

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Overview of Features

Enhanced Data Analysis within SharePoint

Organized Data, Enhanced Analysis

Use versatile, conditional formatting and calculations built into a single grid view. 

  • Connect to lists or libraries across sites and site collections. 
  • Show related data by nesting a secondary list below the parent item 
  • Perform conditional formatting (Text and Color) in scope of Text, Cell and Item Row 
  • Set default column width to promote important information 
Knowledge Base Web Part

Increased Productivity

With more options and ease of use features, user productivity is greatly enhanced. 

  • Scroll within just the grid view, freezing the web part’s header, footer, and column headers 
  • Enable conditional formatting based on a set of rules – apply to text, cell or entire item row for both the parent and nested data 
  • Translate all webpart display strings to any language 
  • Define custom column names 

Key Benefits

Create Intelligent Grid Views for Effective Data Analysis
Prioritize and meet deadlines effectively

Keep information organized and effective

Prioritize and meet deadlines effectively

Display information that is meaningful and informative

Prioritize and meet deadlines effectively

Tailor your information to a target audience

Prioritize and meet deadlines effectively

Save time by viewing multiple data sources in one view

More Features

Data Sources

Associated Data

Incorporate Associated Data to display associated data as a nested grid view within the parent list. Allow adding new nested list items directly from Data-Viewer.

Data Sources

Show Folders or Flat

Allow for the display of all items without folders or show items inside folders.
Data Sources

Advanced Column Display Settings

Enable set formatting for column headers. Define custom column names (aliases) for each column displayed. Provide a default column width.
Data Sources

Column Calculations

Apply calculations on parent and nested data columns including Sum, Count, Average, Maximum and Minimum values.
Data Sources

Configurable Screens

Configure Data-Viewer through a pop-up setting interface to meet your particular needs.
Data Sources

Export Information to Excel

Enable users to export data to Excel for additional analysis.
Data Sources

Add New and Edit Items

Enable the ability to make changes to the data without going back to the source. Edit items individually or in DataSheet mode. 

Data Sources

Group Like Data

Items can be grouped by default or users can create groupings to better visualize data.

See Data-Viewer in Action

Watch our Data-Viewer video and see for yourself how easily you can create intelligent grid views for effective data analysis.

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This product is available and fully supported as a perpetual license as an individual purchase. Non-Production environments are ½ price.

Office 365


Price in USD per SharePoint Domain

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Includes Year 1 Product Upgrades and Support*

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*Price listed includes first-year maintenance and support for companies under 2,000 users. Year 2 Software Maintenance and Support is calculated as 22% of the price listed.  

For companies over 2,000 SharePoint users, an additional Enterprise Support Plan cost will be added only once to your account, regardless of the number of products owned and, in subsequent years, to the total yearly software maintenance and support cost for an account.  More information on the Enterprise Support plan and its costs can be found here

Organize Your Data, Enhance Your Analysis.

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SharePoint Online

The cloud parts are functional components that extend your SharePoint Online environment in Microsoft 365.

Supports Classic and Modern sites for SharePoint Online/Microsoft 365

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