Announcing Bamboo’s Administration Toolkit for SharePoint 2013

Get off on the right foot and minimize the level of “administration overhead” in your new SharePoint 2013 implementation right from the start with the help of Bamboo’s Administration Toolkit.

The Administration Toolkit is a collection of Bamboo’s most popular SharePoint administration products. Covering everything from self-service password management to automated site creation and simple account management, this toolkit allows IT admins to eliminate or offload repetitive tasks, while simultaneously empowering end-users and site administrators to manage their own sites, accounts, and users. And don’t be fooled into thinking delegation means less control. Administrators are still the primary beneficiaries of these tools, so they’ve been built to ensure admins are able to maintain, and even enhance, existing security and business rules. Take a look at what’s included in the Administration Toolkit, and what these indispensable tools can do to enhance and simplify your SharePoint governance.

All of these products are now available for SharePoint 2013 as the Administration Toolkit, and at an attractive rate that’s discounted from buying the tools individually.