Design and Configuration

Expedite Your Implementation of Bamboo Project Management Central and Bamboo Workflow Conductor

Benefits of the Service

Goal Alignment

Configure your solution with professional help and meet your business goals.


Discuss objectives and expedite implementation.


Take advantage of up to 20 hours of professional assistance.

Details About the Service

Fast and Effective Implementation

Work with our SharePoint professionals to expedite your implementation of Bamboo Project Management Central or Bamboo Workflow Conductor and create goal-aligned business solutions with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

Bamboo Project Management Central

Our consultants work with project stakeholders to ensure your implementation of Bamboo Project Management Central aligns with business requirements, from redefining the metrics used to calculate KPI’s, to creating new portfolio dashboards, our experts provide a solution roadmap that aligns the product with your vision.

Bamboo Workflow Conductor

Expedite the implementation of automated business process in your SharePoint environment with Bamboo Workflow Conductor. Our experts can help you design and build custom workflows based on specific business requirements.

Commonly Automated processes:

  • Project Approval and site creation
  • Employee Onboarding

Configure Powerful Solutions to Meet Specific Business Requirements.