Using Bamboo SP Analyzer to Create Reports

Now that we have successfully installed and configured the solution, it’s now time to start creating reports.

To begin, open Central Administration and click on Web Part Auditor within the Bamboo SP Analyzer section. In SharePoint 2007, this can be found under the Operations tab; for SharePoint 2010, it is conveniently located on the home page of the Central Administration Web Application.

There are three sections to determine the result of the audit report:

  • Specify Web Application
  • Audit Scope
  • Web Part Namespace



Specify Web Application

All the Web applications will be loaded in the drop-down menu. Select one of them to audit.



Audit Scope

This section allows you to filter the smaller scope of the Web Part.

To audit only one site collection or sub-site in the Web application, type the relative path of the site or site collection you want to audit. There are three types of relative paths that you can choose for auditing:

  • /apps : all sites below this location are audited.
  • /apps/SitePages/Home.aspx : only the site page Home is audited.
  • Blank: all site collections and sites are audited

Note: The absolute path is NOT supported. For example: http://chonmoss2010/sites/newApp/SitePages/Home.aspx

Make sure you always start with “/” character. If you forget, an error message will appear and remind you to enter the character.



Web Part Namespace

This section allows you to type the Web Part assembly name to audit. For example, type “Bamboo,” and the result returns all Web Part assemblies starting with “Bamboo.” If you leave it blank, the result will return all of the Web Part assemblies in the site collections. Note: You can type the name of Web Part assemblies from other companies and the Bamboo SP Analyzer will still work correctly.

The output file (.csv):

After successful auditing, the server will display the confirmation message at the top. The message at the top displays the content:

“Audit of the Web Application http://servername has completed successfully. To view the results, go to the library Bamboo Web Part Auditor Logs or click here. For additional analysis, it is recommended the audit result file be opened in Excel.”

The link Bamboo Web Part Auditor Logs will go to the Library that stores all the output files. You can click on the item in the list and save to your client desktop for viewing.

If you want to save the output file immediately, click (the hyperlink) here, as shown in the image above, to receive the Open and Save dialog.

The output file will be created with the extension .CSV (comma separated values). You can open it browser, Excel, or Notepad.

The output file content includes:

The first row:

  • Audit date: date and time to audit the output file.
  • The number of Web Part: shows the number of Web Parts in the site collection.
  • Audit Scope: the scope to filter in the site collection.
  • Web Part Namespace: Web Part assemblies name.

Five information columns:

  • Page URL
  • Web Part Assembly
  • Web Part Type
  • Web Part ID
  • Open on Page


“Audit Date: 07/21/2012 22:16:55″,”There are 1 Web Part(s) in the Web application: ‘http://servername/'”,”Audit Scope: ””,”Web Part Namespace: ‘bamboo'”

“Page URL”,”Web Part Assembly”,”Web Part Type”,”Web Part ID”,”Open on Page?”

“http://servername/default.aspx”,”Bamboo.PasswordReset, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2cc91efae2d531be”,”PasswordReset”,”f3f2bca4-64bb-4192-8431-7435482b8aff”,”Yes”


Further details on Bamboo SP Analyzer are available in the Bamboo Team Blog:

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