Installing Bamboo SP Analyzer

Bamboo SP Analyzer is a free tool with which SharePoint administrators can unlock the secrets within their SharePoint farms. As a utility deployed to their Central Administration site, SP Admins can audit which Web Parts are deployed to the individual pages in a Site, Site Collection, or even a Web Application. SharePoint admins can further narrow the scope, including specifying the assembly associated with a Web Part for a smaller set of returned results. The resulting CSV-formatted file allows the administrator to open the report in Excel to perform additional analysis, and includes:

  • Page URL
  • Web Part Assembly
  • Web Part ID
  • Web Part Type
  • Notification as to whether the Web Part is open on the page (or not)

System Requirements

SharePoint 2007

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008


Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Service Pack 2
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0


Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher


SharePoint 2010

Operating System

Windows Server 2003 or 2008


Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010


Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher

*Note: Bamboo products are not supported in an IIS Web garden configuration.

About the Setup Program

Before installing the product, please read the Installing the Product section of the Online Documentation and review KB.12464: Best Practices for Installing Bamboo Products.

To access the Setup program:

  1. Download the self-extracting product EXE from Bamboo Labs (SharePoint 2007, or SharePoint 2010) and save it to a local folder on the SharePoint server.
  2. Double-click the product EXE file to extract the contents of the product download.
  3. The Setup program will automatically start. To start the Setup program manually, double-click the Setup.bat file in the root of the folder where the product files were extracted.

 Note: The minimum screen resolution to view the Setup program is 1024×768.

The Setup program contains links to each product component under the Components header on the left. Click on any of these links to view a description of the component on the right. The component description contains important information about where to install the component and the required permissions for the installation account. Read this information carefully before proceeding.

The components fall into the following categories:

  • Core Components: The product will include one or more core components that are required for the Bamboo product to work.
  • Help: The Setup program also contains links to the Online Documentation and the Installation and Licensing Quick Start Guide. Links to other product-related resources, like the Bamboo Knowledge Base, may also be included.

After reviewing the installation location and required installation permissions for a component, click the Install button at the bottom of the Setup screen to install it.

About the extracted product files:

The extracted product files include the file Setup.bat, which launches the Setup program, and may also include the following folders:

  • [Product].wsp: Contains the solution deployment file for this product. Note: There may be more than one product WSP folder, depending on the product.
  • docs: Contains the Installation and Licensing Quick Start Guide.
  • misc : Contains installation executables for this product.
  • In 2007, this folder has two files: ManualInstallation.bat and ManualUninstallation.bat
  • res: Contains files required the Setup program.
  • The other folders: Bamboo.Core.wsp, PackInstallation.wsp


Installation of Bamboo SP Analyzer

Recommendations for a Successful Installation

Follow these guidelines to ensure a successful installation:

  1. Back up your system.
  2. Make sure that your system meets the requirements listed in the System Requirements section.
  3. Review KB.12464: Best Practices for Installing Bamboo Products before installing any product.
  4. Review the Installation Location and Required Installation Permissions for each product before installing it.
  5. Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service before installation.


Installation Location

If you are installing a Bamboo product in a SharePoint farm environment, make sure to start the installation on the correct server. The required installation location is listed in the Setup program in the description for each component.

Most Bamboo products must be installed on one Web Front-end (WFE) server in the SharePoint farm where SharePoint Central Administration is running.


Required Installation Permissions

Required installation permissions are listed in the Setup program in the description for each component. For most Bamboo products, the installation account must have the following permissions:

  • Member of the local server Administrators group
  • The db_owner role for the SharePoint configuration database
  • Site collection administrator (for automatic feature activation)


Solution Installation

Select Bamboo SP Analyzer in the Core Component section and click Install.

The Welcome Installation screen will appear. Click Next.

The next screen is the System Check screen. It will detect all the requirements before installing the product. If one of these requirements fails, the installation will be postponed. Click the Next button if the checks have completed successfully.

On the End-User License Management screen, check I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next:

The next screen is the Deployment Target. Since this product is only supported in the Central Administration Web Application, it is selected default.  Verify that the option “Automatically Activate Features” is selected and click Next.

Note: If you prefer to activate product features manually after installation, uncheck the Automatically activate features option and  read Manually Activating the Solution in the section below.

On the Installing Component Screen, when the message “All Operations Successfully Completed” appears, click Next:

When installation is complete, click the Next button, and review the summary screen to confirm that the product has been successfully installed. Click Close to complete.


Uninstalling the Product

  1. Stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC):
    • From the Start menu, click Administrative Tools > Services.
    • Right-click on World Wide Web Publishing Service and select Stop.
  2. Double-click the Setup.bat program included in the product download ZIP file.
  3. Select the product in the Core Components section in the Setup program. Verify the installation location and required permissions and then click Install.
  4. Click Next to begin the uninstallation. Verify that the system checks pass successfully and click Next.
  5. In the Repair, Remove or Install screen, select the Remove All option and click Next. Wait while the components are uninstalled.
  6. When uninstallation is complete, click Next to review the summary screen and confirm that the product removal was successful. Click Close.
  7. If there are additional components in the Core Components list in the Setup program, follow steps 3-6 above for each component.
  8. Restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service.

Manually Activate the Solution

After successful installation, if the Web Part can’t be activated automatically, you have to active it manually.

SharePoint 2007

  1. Open Central Administration.
  2. Select the tab Application Management.
  3. Under the section “SharePoint Web App Management” select Manage Web application features.
  4. Locate and activate the feature “Bamboo.SPAnalyzer.”

SharePoint 2010

  1. Open Central Administration.
  2. Select Manage Web Applications under the section “Application Management.”
  3. Highlight “SharePoint Central Administration v4” then click Manage Features from the action ribbon above.
  4. Locate and activate the feature “Bamboo.SPAnalyzer.”


Further details on Bamboo SP Analyzer are available in the Bamboo Team Blog:

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