Tales from The Middle of Nowhere Tour Day One

We’ve talked to some great folks today from points far and wide including Springfield, MO to Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Bloomington, IL, Tulsa, and Houston. We are getting a great geography lesson at the “Middle of Nowhere Tour!” What’s the draw for those who drive eleven hours to arrive in a little town in the middle of nowhere? It is SharePoint! And the SharePoint-palooza crowd has been a lot of fun so far.

It’s rewarding to take in a trade show where we meet our customers who use our products and tell us how much they love them. And we met many today. We also met and made some new friends. We conducted several demonstrations showing how a few of our products combined together can fill the gaps where OOTB SharePoint misses the mark.

The three web parts that generated the most interest were the List Rollup, Data Viewer, and Alert Plus. A simple solution combining these three products together seemed to resonate with most people we talked to today. Aggregating [My] active tasks from several disparate lists across multiple sites, displaying them in a single centralized view that makes the tasks easy to update, and an alerting feature to remind you when your tasks are coming due or overdue illustrated a solution that many agree meets the need for core task management.

Also, many attendees today expressed their interest in having their voices heard through our survey (remember $1 for each survey is donated to the ALS Association!). Tonight there is good food and live music on the Branson Landing Outdoor Stage.

Looking forward to more SharePoint-palooza tomorrow with Steve Smith (@SteveSmithCK) from Combined Knowledge for our morning keynote!