SharePoint HR Management

SharePoint is one of the hottest products offered by Microsoft today. And that’s not surprising. The simplicity and intuitiveness of SharePoint personnel management solutions have made it a favorite among companies of all sizes. It makes collaboration easy, provides a range of customization options, and seamlessly integrates with MS Office tools, which are widely used across industries.

But what types of companies can benefit most from building and using a SharePoint HR portal? And how can they make the most out of what it has to offer?

SharePoint HR Portals for Any Size Business

One of the biggest advantages SharePoint HR management can offer is its versatility. Companies of any size can use the tool in a way that matches their HR needs, providing convenient solutions that make handling HR tasks much easier.

Small businesses can take advantage of the powerful features of SharePoint HR document management, simplifying the onboarding processes and handling recruitment with ease. Filling roles quickly can become hectic when a smaller company takes off, so having a solution like custom SharePoint human resources management systems can help make the transition to becoming a larger enterprise much smoother.

For mid-sized companies, using SharePoint for HR management provides some of the same functionality and features used by large corporations without the need to invest in standalone solutions. SharePoint HR implementations come with a range of powerful features that can be customized according to the needs of a mid-sized company, while also offering competitive pricing and seamless implementation.

Even large corporations may find that developing their own custom HR solutions isn’t worth it when Microsoft has developed such a comprehensive tool that can help handle expansion and open new branches, while also serving as a single centralized hub of corporate information, all in one place.

SharePoint HR Portal Benefits

The benefits of SharePoint are diverse; here are just a few of the key reasons SharePoint HR Portals are an incredible solution for any company.

  • All-In-One Solution: With Microsoft’s SharePoint project management solution, you get everything in one place. You can set up your HR document management with SharePoint in whatever way you prefer, find free SharePoint HR template options that you can start using immediately, and personalize the entire solution to fit the needs of your company.
  • Customization: SharePoint HR is highly customizable, integrating with other tools and platforms, which gives you even more flexibility and opportunities to streamline various HR processes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: As you may have gathered, all of the powerful features—such as the vast range of SharePoint HR template options—come at a much more affordable price than some of the competing HRIS solutions.

When to Use a SharePoint HR Portal

While SharePoint HR Portal has many uses, the most obvious application of SharePoint HR is as a recruitment, onboarding, and off-boarding tool. Your SharePoint dashboard will act as a database: a tool for tracking various HR tasks, processes, and reports on relevant statistics and developments.

It can also help manage content and employee operations within the company by keeping track of documents and their changes. In this way, it helps monitor key metrics about each employee and acts as a channel between employees and the HR department.

Other uses for SharePoint HR include performance management, request approval, and employee recognition—the list goes on.

Tips for Using SharePoint HR

Even though SharePoint HR can be very useful, you need to know how to use it correctly to get the most out of what it has to offer.

Firstly, you need to have a clear idea of the brand image that you want to create. This will guide your choices in selecting a SharePoint HR template, as well as the branding elements and color scheme that you want to use.

Also, since both HR staff and employees will be using SharePoint HR on a regular basis, it must also have a convenient interface. Luckily, the portal allows you to take advantage of convenient menu placements, SharePoint alerts, calendar integration, and a search function that makes it easy to navigate.

Finally, the SharePoint HR database will surely contain private and sensitive information, so make sure to carefully assign permissions and implement security measures such as disabling the file-sharing option.

Why Choose Bamboo Solutions

When implementing SharePoint HR in your company, you’ll need someone to help guide you through the process and ensure that you’re taking full advantage of the features that are available.

And at Bamboo Solutions, we have almost two decades of experience in building customized solutions for our clients in a wide range of industries, serving over 8,000 clients using 50 different products since our inception.

Our team can handle even the most complex SharePoint migrations, helping you develop road-maps for getting the most out of what SharePoint has to offer, and implementing the best administration practices so that the entire system is functioning correctly.

With our experience in providing customized solutions and SharePoint consulting, we can help add out-of-box features that aren’t available, solving complicated business problems in the most straightforward and functional way possible.

Finally, we will make sure that your team has an easy time operating your SharePoint HR platform. We’ll help design an interface that both looks good, and feels right for your brand.

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