Announcing the Release of Bamboo Select for SharePoint 2013

I’m sure you’re familiar with the requirements fromand expectations ofyour executives and your department management team when it comes to showing the productivity in your group through updates, metrics, and pipeline reviews. They want a dashboard with all the up-to-date data at hand and do not want to receive lengthy reports through email. You can now revolutionize your portal to share knowledge, track data, build relationships, and maximize business results using the available tools in Bamboo Select in minutes. And if you are on SharePoint 2013, Bamboo Select is now available for the latest platform.

The components are flexible, scalable, and affordable solutions for calendaring, charting, importing, grid-viewing, rating, searching, rotating, aggregating data, and more. The components in Bamboo Select may be used to build sites for internal or external users, and are suitable: for use in any industry, including (but not limited to) banking, education, and health care; for any department site, such as marketing, sales, etc.; or for a multitude of standalone purposes.

Here is an example of what a quickly assembled Sales portal site could look like using just some of the components in Bamboo Select:

9 of our most powerful components are included in Bamboo Select:

Calendar Plus Web Part

Chart Plus Web Part

Data-Viewer Web Part

List Search Web Part (Simple and Advanced Search)

List Bulk Import

List Rollup Web Part

List Rotator Web Part

Bamboo Rating

Contact our Sales Team for the trial download package, or purchase Bamboo Select directly from our storefront.