User’s Guide to Password Reset Web Part for SharePoint 2013, Part 3: Setup for SQL Membership Users in Forms-based Authentication Using an Email Address

Part 3: How to set up Password Reset for SQL Membership users in Forms-based Authentication by using an email address.

Are you looking for a simple and easy way to provide users with a self-service password reset capability through email or a security question-based challenge/response mechanism on SharePoint 2013? Look no further, for Bamboo’s Password Reset Web Part is available NOW for SharePoint 2013! To celebrate the launch of Password Reset Web Part, we’re introducing a new four-part blog series that will walk you through the Web Part and all of its functionalities.

As part three of four, this article will show you how to configure the Password Reset Web Part so that passwords can be reset by SQL Membership users in Forms-based authentication by using an email address.

To begin, navigate to the Edit Page menu and click on the Insert tab. Choose Bamboo Solutions from Categories and Password Reset Web Part from Parts:

To begin configuring the Web Part, go to Modify in the tool pane.

In Select a Zone, choose Intranet.

In the Claims Authentication Mode Forms section, select the Forms Based Authentication radio button.

Regarding the Just show confirmation message checkbox on the Zone Configuration screen, please note:

  • If you check this box, the Web Part will only display a confirmation message after your password has been reset successfully. An additional textbox will NOT be displayed.
  • If you do not check this box, the Web Part will display both a confirmation message as well as text boxes after your password has been reset successfully.

Uncheck the Provider requires a security question and answer checkbox. In this example, we’ll be using an email address, NOT a security question and answer.

In the Site collection URL where users are section, input the current site collection URL:

In the E-mail Options section, input the SMTP Server Name, the E-Mail From e-mail address, and, if needed, an email address that will be CC’ed:

In the Confirmation E-mail Options section, input the generic text for the automatic response email’s Subject and E-mail message:

In the New E-mail Options section, input the generic text for the Subject and E-mail message:

Check Apply and OK button in the tool pane. Password Reset Web Part will look as pictured below, with the following “error” message:

To resolve this error, go to the IIS Manager Program, right-click the current site, and select the Explore menu:

Open the web. config file:

Press Ctrl + F. In the Find what section, input question as the word to find. You will see requireQuestionandAnswer = “true”:

Change requireQuestionandAnswer = “true” to requireQuestionandAnswer = “false”:

Refresh your site. Input the information for the user whose password you want to reset:

To see the email, go to People and Groups > User Information:

Click Submit. A confirmation message will be displayed as pictured below:

Go to your inbox to see the confirmation email and verify that it was sent successfully.

In the email, click on the here hyperlink to reset your password:

A new email message will arrive containing the new password.

Ready to give Password Reset Web Part a try? Jump over to the Password Reset Web Part product page!

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