Unburden SharePoint and Maximize Your File Share Investment with December’s Product of the Month

Break free from file size limitations and bring your external files into the
fold with File
Share Library
.  As the missing link between SharePoint and your
external network file share, File Share Library provides the ability to connect
SharePoint to your existing external file shares, allowing your existing
hardware to handle your storage instead of the SharePoint content
databases.  When you invest in File Share Library, you'll conserve
valuable storage space on SharePoint while at the same time maximizing both
your SharePoint and existing file storage investment.

By providing powerful on-demand and scheduled synchronization options, File
Share Library allows you to rest assured that you always have access to the
latest version of your document available in a centralized location. 
Looking to store large media files?  With File Share Library, you can save
valuable database space by storing video and audio files on an existing network
file share and later play your files directly in SharePoint when you connect to
a Bamboo Video

So what are you waiting for? To claim your 10% discount, simply enter the discount code POTM2014 at checkout or mention
this deal to your Account Manager
and your savings will be instantly
applied! It's time to start capitalizing on File Share Library's full range of
capabilities including:

External File
Share Storage

Associate the File Share Library to an external file share
for file storage, saving valuable space in the content databases and removing
file size limitations inherent to SharePoint

Familiar Library

Features such as upload and metadata management is unchanged
from out-of-box SharePoint Document Libraries, meaning users will be able to
use File Share Library like any other library.

Scheduled or
Manual Synchronization

Set a schedule for file synchronization, and/or enable
on-demand syncs to update whenever needed.

Establish Data
Integrity Rules

In SharePoint 2013 & 2010, File Share Library provides
the following granular rules:

  • When a file is added to File Share Library,
    choose whether the file is uploaded to the external file share, and linked to
    from File Share Library, or if the file is uploaded directly to the File Share
    Library itself.
  • When a file is deleted from File Share Library,
    choose whether the associated file in the external file share deleted or
  • When a file is deleted from the external file
    share, choose whether the linked file in File Share Library is updated with a
    "Lost" status or if it is deleted.

In SharePoint 2007:

  • Set rules to determine what happens (delete
    file, archive file, leave file) when a file is either imported or deleted in
    the File Share Library.
  • If a file is deleted from the external file
    share, the associated file's status in the File Share Library is set to
    "Lost" to preserve the file's metadata.

Promote Relevant

With File Share Library, begin promoting relevant files to
SharePoint using "Mark File for Import" feature. This allows
companies to migrate their external file shares to SharePoint without importing
the entire file structure. This offers an easy way to sift through years of

Multimedia Support

In SharePoint 2013/2010, store video and audio files on an
existing network file share-saving valuable content database space-and play and
manage the media files in SharePoint by connecting File Share Library to a Bamboo
Video Library

[View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SubCe9WyZj8:600:450]

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