Top 3 Alert Configurations to get the most out of the new Alert Plus

Top 3 Alert Configurations to get the most out of the new Alert Plus

Our Bamboo Alert Plus Cloud Part promises to help your enterprise create and manage meaningful alerts for your stakeholders surfacing data from your list and documents. Often, deadlines or action items are missed due to a lack of notifications and follow-ups because that data is contained in a list or library.

Below are the top 3  settings used by our Alert Plus customers.

Task Lists

Tasks are an important list type for SharePoint and its users. Managing tasks assigned to users in a task list is critical to delivering projects on time and on budget. Alert Plus is a key technology for ensuring your tasks are completed and your customers are happy.

Sample Alert Setting:

If a {Task Status} is not “Complete” and the {Due Date} is within 5 days, send an email alert to {Task Owner} with a link to {Task Item} that contains data from Task Description. Send follow-up alerts every day until the Due Date.

Standard List

List data is also a great way to track a business process. For example, a university uses a list to track information on student enrollment and registration. Once the student record is marked complete, an email notification to the department head can be generated with the completed registration information.

Sample Alert Setting:

If Student Registration Status = “Completed”, send an alert to {Department Head}.  Send notifications once per day at 5 pm.

In this instance, all alerts will be grouped into one email at 5 pm saving the need to send multiple alerts per day resulting in a reduction of Alert Fatigue!

Calendar List

Finally, calendars are a critical feature in SharePoint environments. Often, organizers of events want reminders sent to groups of users so they remember to attend. Basically, Alert Plus can notify SharePoint groups of an event based on the event type or category. This feature pairs well with the Calendar Plus Cloud Part by Bamboo.

Sample Alert Setting:

If the Event Date is within two days, send an alert to {SharePoint Group}.

These top three customized alerts in Alert Plus can help keep your team on track. Start a free trial of Alert Plus today!