This Week in Bamboo (September 1st, 2013 – September 7th, 2013)

At Bamboo, another SharePoint 2013 product was released to the storefront this week: Wiki Publisher.  Please see details below for more info about the new release.

HW51 Wiki Publisher for SharePoint 2013 Release

Initial Release on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.

This release contains the same functionality as the equivalent version number of the SharePoint 2010 build of this product.

See the Known Issues and Limitations section for the latest known issues and limitations related to this release. For information about using this product, read the Online Documentation.

Known Issues:

• The subscript or superscript for referencing in the footnote appears differently in the wiki when imported from Microsoft Word than the original.
• When using either Internet Explorer 9 or 10 as the browser, some text section gets cut off after exporting to pdf. This issue is related to Internet Explorer 9. By default, the WebBrowser Control uses Microsoft DirectX to render webpages, which might cause problems for applications that use the Draw method to create bitmaps from certain webpages. In Internet Explorer 9, this method returns a bitmap (in a Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI) wrapper) instead of a GDI metafile representation of the webpage. Workaround: Make Internet Explorer 9 to render metafile enable the registry key FEATURE_IVIEWOBJECTDRAW_DMLT9_WITH_GDI feature using the registry value DWORD as 00000001. See IViewObject Legacy Drawing section in the MSDN article for more information.
• Users will experience significant performance issues when export 60 or more pages to pdf. It might take up to 30 minutes.


• No support for SharePoint Enterprise Wiki Publishing Site.
• Formatting limitations include: (see Sync Fusion site for more details)

Paragraph and Character formatting:

•Borders around paragraphs.
•Full Justification.

Multi-Column Texts:

•The output may look different in case full-justification formatting is applied on to the columns.
•Bulleted, numbered and multi-level lists.
•In some case, the image bullets which is set on document may be replaced other symbols in the generated document.


•Images placed inside a shape will not be preserved in the generated PDF document.
•Images displayed in the wrong position. For example if the image is displayed in the right corner within the Word document but after importing into a wiki page, it is in the left corner.
•If the document contains multiple images, the order of the images are reversed when imported into a wiki page.


•In some cases, if a table width is beyond a certain length, content can be cut off.
•Tables making use of patterns and 3D borders will not be retained in the output document.
•Absolutely positioned tables are not supported.
•In some cases, if a table width is beyond a certain length, content can be cut off.
•If the document contains a table and the content of the table includes other formatting, such as: Lists (number/bullet), Bold/Italic/Underline font style or heading style, resulting wiki format is incorrect.


•Wiki Publisher maintains the text, however the URL is removed during export.


•The OLEObjects are partially supported, (i.e) image which represents a particular document will be available in the generated PDF document. But the object associated with the object will not be converted into the generated document.

Unsupported Elements:

The following are the list of un-supported elements, which will be supported in the future releases and will not be preserved in the generated PDF document.

•Shapes and auto shapes.
•Foot note and end note.
•Dynamic Fields.
•Table of Contents.


Wiki Publisher component’s Essential DocIO makes sensible decision while lay outing the text, and its supported elements while generating the PDF documents. However, we cannot guarantee pagination with all the documents.


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