This Week in Bamboo (November 10th, 2013 – November 16th, 2013)

This week we released a new major release for Workflow Conductor Release 3.5 for SharePoint 2010 to the storefront along with patches updates of Group Email Web Part, Password Expiration Web Part and List Bulk Import. For more info about this week’s releases, please see the list below.

SA08 Workflow Conductor for SharePoint 2010 Release 3.5 

 New Features:

• Support for custom-built widgets using Visual Studio (instructions and sample templates coming soon)
• Task reminders – Schedule reminder emails for custom workflow tasks using the Request Approval, Request Feedback, and Collect Data from User widgets to make sure unfinished tasks get completed on time.
• Task escalations – Escalate overdue tasks dynamically to a manager or other user for custom workflow tasks for Request Approval, Request Feedback, and Collect Data from User.
• Add Attachment widget – Add attachments to list items dynamically using document library contents or a web URL.
• Get Previous Version Data widget – Retrieve the previous value of an item field when list versioning is enabled.
• Workflow Start Button Utility – Create custom workflow buttons that are displayed on item ribbons in a SharePoint library that will run specific workflows when a user clicks them.
• Support for more branches in the Run Parallel widget – Define and run up to five parallel sets of activities.
• Request Approval and Feedback on other items – Run approval and feedback tasks on items other than the one on which the workflow is being run.
• Group support for Subscribe User to Alert – Assign alerts to groups now, not just individual users.
• Updated various Web Part UI to improve the architecture.
• Support for comma-delimited lists of users when performing lookups to text field values for actions such as sending emails.

Resolved Issues:

• The pause feature in widget error handling may not work correctly when using the Run Parallel widget in combination with certain other widgets.
• A validation error is not displayed when saving incomplete settings in the Wait for Field Change widget.
• When using the Set Item Permissions widget, configured item lookups using a choice column are reset when changing from “Inherit permissions from parent” to “Set custom permissions”.
• In some instances, a workflow error may occur when combining using Run Parallel with Request Approval, Request Feedback, Collect User Data, and Custom User Task widgets.
• In some cases, Workflow Conductor Web Part features may need to be manually deactivated and re-activated when upgrading if Web Parts are already being used on a page(s).

Known Issues:

• If a workflow is paused due to an error in a step with a user task form, an error message of “save conflict” may be shown when trying to resume. Attempting to resume a second time will allow the workflow to proceed normally.
• Links to customize Workflow Conductor InfoPath task forms will not work directly, instead the paths need to be manually copied and opened in InfoPath Designer to edit forms.
• When reassigning a task or requesting a change, users may have to click the “Submit” button twice before it responds if they checked the assignee name using “Enter” on the keyboard.
• When opening a Workflow Conductor task (such as an approval or feedback task) from within a Microsoft Office application, the task form fields are blank and the form cannot be completed. Opening the task from other locations still works correctly.
• Widgets can be dropped into invalid areas of the Request Approval widget, causing workflows to display an error message.
• Workflows fail when attempting to use Check In, Check Out, or Discard Check Out on items in the workflow Tasks list.
• Workflows that contain a Collect Data from User widget are canceled when run on a list in another site collection.
• If a Simple Publishing workflow uses a workflow initialization form field that contains a space in the form field name, any default value configured for the field will not be displayed on the workflow start page.
• If a workflow is in progress and a user clicks the “Workflow is committing…” message on the workflow status page, an error message is displayed.
• In the My Workflows and My Workflow Tasks Web Parts, version numbers will appear after the task name when a new version of a Simple Publishing workflow is published after the task is created.
• If a workflow that contains a lookup to a number or % column is deployed to a Document Library in a Meeting site, the workflow will be canceled if the column is empty.
• If a workflow initialization form Date and Time field is configured with a default value that includes a time, the time may not be displayed correctly on the workflow start page.
• If a Simple Publishing workflow with a Start Another Workflow widget is edited and published to a different scope, workflow initialization form values are not updated. For example, if the workflow was published to the list and then updated and published to the site, the Start Another Workflow widget retains its previous workflow initialization form values.
• After upgrading to Workflow Conductor 2.0, a workflow deployed in Workflow Conductor 1.5 that contains a Create AD Account widget configured with a lookup from an initialization form Choice drop-down field will add a “]” to the end of the lookup when the workflow runs.
• Workflow is canceled if a Remove AD Group widget attempts to remove a group in an OU level lower than the one specified in the LDAP path.
• In the Template Gallery, cannot filter for Created By when the filter contains special characters.
• If a Simple Publishing workflow is associated with a list with an association name different than the workflow name, the workflow start page will display the workflow name instead of the association name.
• If you attempt to attach a Document Set in a Send Email widget, the workflow will be canceled.
• Some Widgets and task forms may not work correctly on German-language installations.
• The Repeat For Each Item widget “Start Item” condition does not work when using the “Is Null” operator with a Date/Time or Person/Group column.
• When upgrading Workflow Conductor, workflows that are “In Progress” and waiting for Delay For, Delay Until, Wait For Field Change, Request Approval, Or Request Feedback widgets do not complete after upgrading to Conductor 1.5 or higher.
• Saved property values are not displayed when you edit the Access SP via REST widget properties.
• If a Set Approval Status widget is configured to Run As “Initiator” or “Other”, the item shows as Modified By “System Account”.
• In some cases, the Approval Status of an item is not set properly for workflows deployed with the Start Option “Start this workflow to approve publishing a major version of an item.”
• In the View Workflow Status page, “Starts With”, “Ends With”, “Equal To”, and “Not Equal To” filters do not work on the Workflow Name and List columns.
• Set Field Value can incorrectly set a Person/Group (Person only) column to a SharePoint group name.


• Currently, only the Bar chart type is available in the workflow reporting Web Part.
• When changing the content of a Workflow Conductor default email template in Central Administration, IIS must be reset before the updated template is displayed in the related widgets in the workflow studio.
• The optional Workflow Start Feature may not display more than 4 custom workflow start buttons in the SharePoint item ribbon.
• The custom workflow start button name may not show up correctly when using the optional Workflow Start Feature in certain list types, including Asset Libraries, Link Lists, Calendar Lists, Project Task Lists, Issue Tracking Lists, Data Connection Libraries, and Report Libraries.
• When opening a workflow template created in Workflow Conductor version 1.6 or earlier in version 2.5 or later, some values for the Create Item widget may need to be re-entered before deploying the workflow again.
• Integrated task buttons in Microsoft Outlook are available for SharePoint Server 2010 only; SharePoint Foundation 2010 does not support this feature.
• A Bamboo KPI Custom Column field may show a blank value for a task list item if that item is updated using the Complete Task, Create Task, or Copy-Item widgets.
• When editing a workflow template created in Workflow Conductor 1.6.1 after upgrading to 2.0, Create Item widget properties are not displayed correctly. Workaround: Re-enter the widget properties and save the template.
• After upgrading to Workflow Conductor 2.0, workflow solutions that were scheduled for deployment in the previous version but had not yet been deployed are not deployed at the scheduled time after the upgrade. This is because the workflow deployment method is changed to Simple Publishing in Conductor 2.0. The workflow can be manually deployed on the Workflow Solution Management page in the Workflow Conductor Control Panel.
• If a workflow with a Set Field Value widget is created on a Document Library and later associated with another list type, values set using the {Current Item: Name} lookup may not work correctly if the “Name” column in the new list was created manually and is not the default SharePoint “Name” column.
• An error page is displayed if a workflow is associated with a Bamboo workflow task content type.
• Some SharePoint site themes do not work well with Conductor Studio.
• The full account name must be used to look up an FBA user in the Conductor Studio User Lookup form.
• Cannot assign a Request Approval or Request Feedback task to a user in another site collection who is not also in the current site collection.
• Create Item cannot create an item in a list name that includes an apostrophe (‘).
• Send Email does not work if the recipient property is a lookup to a SharePoint group or a Person/Group column allowing multiple selections that contain a group in another site collection.
• You must disable UAC Admin Approval Mode or turn off UAC to run Conductor on Windows Server 2008.
• Workflow name disappears on share point list after de-active and re-active the WF name (SharePoint limitation).

HW14 Group Email Web Part for SharePoint 2007 Release 1.7.38

Bug Fixes:

• Group Email does not filter out duplicate email addresses. This results in recipients getting the same email more than once.

No new Known Issues and Limitations.

HW23 Password Expiration Web Part for SharePoint 2010 Release 1.6.49

Bug Fixes:

• User login is slow (up to 10 seconds) when the domain has a large number of users (>20,000).
• Expiration date always shows “0 days” when used in a one-way trust domain.
• Users receive an error “Organizational Unit does not exist or cannot be found” when running Bamboo Notification Add-on if a user in the configured OU has a forward slash (/) in the display name.

No New Known Issues or Limitations.

HW18 List Bulk Import for SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013 Release

Bug Fixes:

• Bulk Import does not show the Posts list from the Blog site as a valid source list.

New Limitations:

• The source post has images. When using List Bulk Import, the target post no longer shows images. The workaround is for the original post to use a relative path for the URL to the location of the images or to edit the target post and fix the path for the URL to the location of the images.
• The comments related to the target posts are not shown. Since the comments and the posts are stored in two separate lists, to resolve this issue users should import the posts and the comments as two separate import lists. Then, modify the target Comment list’s lookup field to the target Posts list afterward.

New Known Issues:

• None.

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