This Week in Bamboo (July 21st, 2013 – July 27th, 2013)

At Bamboo this week, Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint 2013 was released to the storefront along with a patch update of Workflow Conductor for SharePoint 2010 Release 3.0. For details about this week’s releases, please see below.

SA12A Time Tracking and Management for SharePoint 2013 Release

Initial Release on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.

This build runs on SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013. This release contains the same functionality as the equivalent version number of the SharePoint 2010 build of this product.

See the Known Issues and Limitations section for the latest known issues and limitations related to this release. For information about using this product, read the Online Documentation.

Includes updated versions of the following components:

• Alert Plus R3.2.124.2013 (File version
• List Rollup Web Part R6.0.70.2013 (File version

Known Issues:

• Due to the new 3rd party control, which is used for this version, the title is not displayed in the chart when the chart type is the pie chart.
• From Configure task lists in the Time Tracking and Management Control Panel, after viewing an item and close you might see a Javascript error.
• When exporting reports to Excel, the chart does not show in the export file.
• Before running the in-place upgrade, if you use the absolute path in the tool pane of the TimeSheet Entry Web Part for the data source then you should change them to the relative path before backing up the content database.
• After running the in-place upgrade, the title will be changed to “Home” instead of “Time Tracking and Management” after the upgrade. To change the title, go to Site Settings > Look and Feel > Top Link Bar or Site Settings > Look and Feel > Navigation (If you have the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature activated, you will see the Navigation option instead of the Top Link Bar option.) and change the title.
• In the language files for the Alert Plus Web Part, if you modify the text to a value that includes a space, such as changing “Edit” to “Edit Message”, a JavaScript error is displayed in the browser. This issue will be addressed in the next patch release.
• When accessing the site using HTTPS, clicking the “Preview Data” button in List Rollup Schema Designer in the “Configure task lists” Control Panel page will display a JavaScript error in the browser. This issue will be addressed in the next patch release.
• If you access the “Configure Alerts” Control Panel page (AlertSetup.aspx) to configure alerts and have not installed and configured the Alert Plus Timer Job, the following error is displayed: “OnPreRender:: Could not load file or assembly ‘Bamboo.AlertPlus.Backend…”. KB.12690 for PM Central describes a similar error and how to remedy it.


• After migrating from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, the site is using the default skin even though another skin is used in the original SharePoint 2010 site. To change the skin after the migration, go to Time Tracking and Management Control Panel > click Change Skin under the General Settings, select the skin under Available Skins, and click Apply.
• Grouping is case-insensitive in Report Center reports. For example, in a report that groups timesheet data projects, data from two different projects with the names “Project A” and “Project a” will be grouped together.
• When adding views to the Report Views field for an item in the Report Configuration list, view names are case-sensitive. For example, “Approved Timesheets” and “approved timesheets” are not the same. The text must match the view name configured in the Timesheets list exactly

SA08 Workflow Conductor for SharePoint 2010 Release 3.0.2

Bug Fixes:

• Timeouts or slow responses for some users when attempting to publish workflows containing Conditional Branch widgets.
• Lookups for Due Date failing on Request Approval widget tasks when the stored data is in certain international formats.
• Some users see a “Correlation ID” error when trying to run a workflow.
• Users trying to submit data with Collect Data from User on SharePoint Foundation may see an error when using Chrome as their browser.
• Repeat for Each widget that doesn’t honor the sort order of the view selected.

Known Issues and Limitations:

No new Known Issues or Limitations