How to Integrate Project Management Central and Discussion Board Plus

SharePoint discussion boards can be a great tool for collaboration and knowledge sharing. With Bamboo’s Discussion Board Plus, you are able to enhance the standard SharePoint discussion boards and enrich your board content and boost user engagement with powerful features.  When you combine Discussion Board Plus with Bamboo’s popular Project Management Central (PM Central), you offer users an even better, more effective way to manage projects on SharePoint.  In this article, we’ll show you how to integrate Discussion Board Plus with PM Central so that you can start creating Discussion Board forums on your PM Central templates.

Please note that the content of this post applies to the following applications:

  • Project Management Central R4.3 #mce_temp_url#
  • Discussion Board Plus R2.0
  • SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation 2010
    or 2013

In order to associate PM Central and Discussion Board Plus, follow these steps:

Install PM Central R4.3 and Discussion Board Plus R2.0 onto your SharePoint Server or SharePoint Foundation 2010 or 2013.

Under Site Actions, go to Site Settings.  Select Site Collection Features and active the Bamboo PM Project Site – Discussion Board Plus Integration feature.

In the event that you see the following message while trying to activate the Bamboo PM Project Site – Discussion Board Plus Integration feature, you will need to reinstall Discussion Board Plus R2.0.

After you have activated the feature, click on the Create New Project/Department button on your Top site to create a project site from Bamboo PM Project Site – with Discussion Plus Template.

If your top site was created in an older version, you may not see the Bamboo PM Project Site – with the Discussion Plus template. If this is the case, go to the Tool part and add this site template.

Next, go to the Discussions tab on your project site. You will see that you now have a discussion board present plus the option of starting a new discussion or private discussion.