Guest Blog by Black Marble’s Linda Hogg: Considering SharePoint – Part 1, Using the Microsoft Stack

Hello, I’m the Director of Black Marble, software development and IT consultancy based in the North of England. We use Microsoft SharePoint, BizTalk, and Visual Studio Team System to deliver what customers require – quality IT assets to power their growth and make their systems run smoothly. We see the benefits of these products every day, so when Bamboo Nation asked us whether we fancied writing a guest post or two to share our experiences, we were keen to get involved.

We were founded back in 1997 and have been a Gold Certified Microsoft partner since 2004 – the videos below were produced by Microsoft as a part of our ongoing relationship. In the videos, we’ve shared our own experiences of using Microsoft products in the hope that we’ll encourage developers or IT professionals to try them out when looking for a new development platform. We start off by explaining why we use the Microsoft stack – and why we think it’s a great idea for other developers and IT pros to try it too.

Black Marble explain why they use the Microsoft stack:


Black Marble explain why a developer or IT professional should try Microsoft products:


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