Friday Fun: 5 Things to Look Forward to This Fall

5 Things to Look Forward to This Fall

Bamboo’s Friday fun we share 5 things to look forward to this fall! After all, we know there are things better than pumpkin spice out there.

1. The launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 4

We’ve heard about the specs of the new tablet and are psyched to get our hands on them. Who wouldn’t want a beefier processor than that of the Surface Pro 3 and faster speed than what other laptops have to offer?

2. The Release of Knowledge Base

We’re working on a major release of our popular knowledge management application, Knowledge Base. We can tell you that significant changes are coming to the user interface, which we think you’ll really enjoy!

3. Season 6 of The Walking Dead

Netflix released Season 5 shortly before the new season’s premiere, so we’ve had plenty of time to snuggle in and catch up. After the season premiere on October 11, we can’t wait to know where our heroes are heading next.

4. The U.S. release of Yoshi’s Woolly World

There’s something knitted and cute that we’re very much looking forward to in October. Hint: It’s not sweaters. We’re talking about Yoshi’s Woolly World, a game in which we’ll get to see our favorite Nintendo dinosaur take (a yarn-and-cloth) shape. It’s not like we’ve been listening to its OST since June…

5. All the New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Merchandise

Kids and adults alike have been thrilled about the new series of games and collectibles. But aren’t toys just a fun distraction from the fact that we still have to wait 62 more days until the movie’s premiere? If we were to assemble only 83 pieces of Lego’s Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon model every day, we might just stay busy until December 18th.

What are you looking forward to this Fall?