Bamboo Solutions Works To Help You Scale Your Business Efficiently With SharePoint

El Cap Is An Exceptional Climbing Gym With A Passion For Innovation, Inclusion, And Integrity

This is reflected in El Cap’s mission to “create community, share passion, and inspire philanthropy.” For El Cap, empowering personal transformation while inspiring social and environmental impact is at the heart of their purpose.

Bamboo Solutions Steps In

No matter what Industry, streamlining processes during growth phases is critical. That’s why the experts at Bamboo Solutions are here to provide the answers you need to the problems preventing you from scaling as fast as you know you can.

With multiple locations across the Midwest, El Cap is no exception. They found it difficult to scale their organization while ensuring their back-end technology was working to help them.

El Cap reached out to our team at Bamboo Solutions to provide them with a unique, centralized solution for calendar scheduling of its climbing gym’s activities. They can focus their sights on creating the best experience for their customers on the front end.

The Importance Of Efficient Calendar Management For El Cap

For El Cap, streamlining their calendar system was a high priority that was roadblocking them from scaling.  Solving this issue would allow employees at all locations the ability to manage their own calendars not having to go through a separate scheduler. This would also have the advantage of increasing operational efficiency which was essential for managing customer service scheduling and employee scheduling.

The functionality that El Cap was seeking was the ability to streamline the way that calendars were viewed on a single screen instead of having to cycle between applications. By merging multiple calendars into one view, they can provide a better front-end experience. They can still provide user control over what information is displayed in each location’s individual application.

This would provide a more intuitive and modern interface that enhances operational performance by focusing on improving client satisfaction.

The Challenges That The El Cap Systems Faced That Needed A Change

Prior to Bamboo Solutions’ proprietary Calendar Plus WebPart, El Cap would utilize daily emails of the schedule for the week. We all know how unreliable an email chain can be. It became apparent that an application-based solution had become necessary in order to scale the scheduling process across more locations and trainers.

One of the many resulting consequences of this disorganized email process was that daily emails would often fluctuate in time and volume due to resource availability. The fact that El Cap HQ struggled to have an accurate up-to-date schedule complete with classes, events, openings, and instructor availability.

Without the ability to efficiently track these scheduling issues, the managers of El Cap realized that there would be no chance of moving beyond their current juncture until that issue is solved.

Making sure that their climbing walls and other equipment were efficiently booked so there was less downtime throughout the day became a top priority for them upon this realization.

The Unique Software-Based Solutions That Bamboo Brought To The Table To Help El Cap Take Control Of Their Scheduling Problems

To compensate for the El Cap scheduling hurdle, the experts at Bamboo Solutions worked tirelessly to help all the gyms within the El Cap network move their organizational operations under the Microsoft SharePoint software package. This allowed for easier collaboration and communication. This gave the client the ability to publish a SharePoint calendar that contained critical information.

Just this alone was a major step in solving their scheduling issues but it was not the end of the problem. El Cap HQ still faced a major hurdle. There was no effortless way to unify that information together into a real-time view, or so they thought. We at bamboo solutions we’re not here to simply migrate them to SharePoint. In fact, we’re here to offer them the total solution they were looking for. By giving them a singular platform that they could easily access and filter all of the necessary information.

The End Result Of The Unique El Cap SharePoint Platform We Bamboo Solutions Were Able To Create

In calling our team at Bamboo solutions, El Cap Took the necessary steps to begin scaling their business the way they knew they could. El Cap was able to utilize our proprietary software Calendar Plus. SharePoint Calendar Plus by Bamboo allowed El Cap HQ to finally have a unified and filterable view of all the scheduling information for their climbing gyms.

With an efficient unified view now in place, the management team was now able to review current activity and schedules. Basically, through one viewpoint in a singular modern app with a smooth and easy-to-use interface. In addition, Our Calendar Plus WebPart allows for a variety of granular filter options. This grants management the ability to review events and complete schedules that are relevant to their location. By enabling this ability, management can review the information without coloring their view of the locations they don’t need to see the schedules for the time.

When Scaling Is The Problem Come To Bamboo For The Solution

While every company has its own needs, El Cap asked the question. Most companies with multiple locations eventually find themselves asking, “how do we streamline our back-end process in a way that’s manageable through our main HQ but unique to each of the needs of the individual locations?” By utilizing Bamboo Solutions’ proprietary Calendar Plus, El Cap could easily manage each location individually based on their unique needs and the ability to monitor the entire company from a bird’s eye view remotely. In the main El Cap HQ having to jump between multiple software or try to hunt down an email chain that has long since been overwritten by new emails.

Every gym must provide value through a schedule to its individual audience. El Cap knows how with the power of Bamboo Solutions Calendar Plus, the management now can ensure the schedule is meeting market and customer demand for availability as well as booking a variety of climbing activities and classes.