SQL Server Health Check

Helping you save time, money and headaches!


Benefits of the Service


Verifying that you are in compliance with Microsoft’s standard practices for SQL Server.


A tuned up SQL Server provides optimum performance for your business needs.


More up time means better availability and less surprises.

Details About the Service

Are you asking these questions?

As a database administrator, are their times where your SQL Server database isn’t performing as expected? Do you sometimes wish you had another set of eyes to check on how things are going? Do you need help forecasting disk size or database growth?

If these questions seem familiar to you, then maybe it’s time to engage in a SQL Server Health Check.

A SQL Server Health Check will identify the causes of issues and risks associated with your specific environment, and is custom tailored to provide you with the best recommendations to optimize your SQL Server environment.


The results of a SQL Server health check are documented recommendations relating to performance, stability, availability, or a specific focus you requested, of your SQL Server database instances. We will review the report and recommendations with you to address any questions or concerns you may have. We can help you achieve increased performance, availability, productivity and peace of mind with your Microsoft Server systems.

SQL Health Check


What we will analyze

Our analysis, formalized in a detailed report, will include these major deliverables:

  • Full SQL Documentation
    • Database information
    • Sizes
    • Database files
    • Server editions, version and releases
    • SQL CPU, memory and infrastructure metrics
    • Information for user/security about Admin, user privileges, db owners and more
    • Backups
  • Compare SQL server configs to Microsoft Best Practices
  • Report on infrastructure and potential threats, misconfigurations or health issues
    • Configuration
    • Databases
    • Hardware requirements
    • Maintenance
    • ModelDB
    • TempDB
    • Backups
  • Assist in preventing common problems from occurring and ensure best practices are in place
  • Executive Summary
  • Provide a detailed summary of SQL Farm Health Analysis for remediation
  • Provide a detailed summary of your SQL Server environment including issues found and remediation strategies with level of effort estimates