SharePoint Health Check

Expert help to navigate your farm’s health


Benefits of the Service


Verifying that you are in compliance with Microsoft’s standard practices for SharePoint reduces the number of surprises such as outages.


There are many separate parts that must work together in SharePoint. Analysis of your hardware and software configurations is the first step in ensuring you are getting the most out of your solutions.

Migration Ready

Understanding your SharePoint architecture including current farm health is the first step in prepping for any migration project.

Details About the Service

Are you asking these questions?

Why are users complaining about our SharePoint environment running slow? Why does there always seem to be a problem at the worst time? Are we getting the most out of our investment?

If these questions seem familiar to you, then it’s time you learn the source of your SharePoint problems and resolve them.

A SharePoint Health Check will identify the causes of issues and risks associated with your specific environment, and is custom tailored to provide you with the best recommendations to optimize your SharePoint environment.

What you get from a SharePoint Health Check

Our analysis will provide detailed information related to:

  • Current health status of your SharePoint farm.
  • Security, configuration and availability issues report
  • Documentation of your current SharePoint Architecture
  • Recommended resolutions for issues found that are out of compliance with Microsoft’s best practices

SharePoint Health Check


What we will analyze

Our analysis, formalized in a detailed report, will include these major deliverables:

  • Aggregated data from various logs with current farm health status that will reveal potential problems.
  • Fully document IIS sites
  • Explore application pools and site settings
  • Validate SQL database settings such as:
    • Maintenance settings
    • Logs
    • Space requirements
  • Document the entire SharePoint farm including:
    • Farm Security
    • Site security
    • SQL Security
    • IIS Security
    • Farm topology
    • Farm server configuration
    • Farm settings
  • Provide an Executive Summary of the farm health analysis for remediation