Modern Intranets

Your business needs a modern communication platform.

Keep employees productive

Provide employees with access to services and tools that they need to excel.

Stay connected

Changing where and how we work means that employees need access to information on all devices. Modern intranets embrace this by providing great interfaces no matter what type of device you are using.

Static intranets and stale information

Classic intranets have been a staple of the corporate world for some time. We have all seen them, links to dead content, old photos, and a leftover blog post from 2004.

Fresh content, personalized for users

Modern workers need to get information and your intranet should be the place that they go to find it. Each user is different and looking for different content a modern intranet should focus information to users when and where they need it.


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News and information

Provide users news from around the organization by leveraging news web parts in a modern page.

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Target content

Using features of a modern intranet provide targeted content to users based on roles, tasks, and location.

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Collaborate across application

Office 365 allows team members and employees to easily find, communicate, and execute on content across multiple application encouraging flexibility within your workforce.

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SharePoint Xperts knows Intranets

Let our expert team work with you to identify your intranet needs.

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Use existing licensing

You probably already have Office 365, if so you have the platform for building out a fresh and exciting intranet.

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Grow your digital transformation

A modern intranet and modern digital employee experience together will help accelerate digital transformation, because teams will be able to promote adoption across systems.

How to create a modern intranet.

  • Modern SharePoint
  • Targeted content
  • Access from any device
  • Best in bred Security

Building modern intranets with Office 365.

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