Wrapping up FOSE 2013: Day Three at the Bamboo Booth

With John, Julie, and Chris from my team all having made appearances at FOSE this week, today was my turn. This was my first conference under the Bamboo brand, and while SharePoint content was thin on the presentation schedule, I was still able to wander around and get a feel for the show and, of course, take pictures. It was clear that it was day three of three as people meandered around and made final visits to Bamboo’s booth and others before heading home. Some of our visitors were follow-ups, and some were people learning about Bamboo for the first time. I definitely got a calmer feeling on the floor than my co-workers described having experienced in the days previous. That said, there were still plenty of people around.

There were also a few mini-breakout sessions and interviews being recorded by our friends at TV Worldwide:

By the middle of the afternoon, all the smiling (but clearly tired) faces were headed for the exits, and so were we. With the exhibit hall closed, we packed up Bamboo’s booth and stamped FOSE 2013 done!

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