What’s New in List Search Simple Web Part R2.5?

1. Keyboard Accessibility (Choice/Lookup Fields)

With its user-friendly, simple search interface, the List
Search Web Part makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Offering
powerful search options, it allows you to target specific SharePoint lists and
columns, without you having to create indexes or search scopes.

One of the limitations of previous versions is the drop-down
controls used for Choice and Lookup search fields that do not allow tabbed
navigation or selection using shortcut keys. This lack of accessibility may be
a deal-breaker for organizations requiring Section 508 compliance. Thus, the
primary purpose of this release is to improve usability, accessibility, and
styling issues in the product. In this article, we’ll show you how to use a basic
keyboard for Choice and Lookup search fields.

The latest release of Simple Search empowers you to do the following actions:

Moving between search fields (TAB/SHIFT+TAB)

Entering or deleting text input in fields (auto-complete
based on input)

Selecting/de-selecting menu Items (ARROWS/SPACE/ENTER/BACK)

Submitting searches (ENTER)

2. SharePoint 2013 Search: Callout Preview Menu

In Release 2.5, Simple Search provides you with the option
to enable or disable the Callouts menu in search results for Document
libraries, Asset libraries, Image libraries, and Pages libraries. This will
improve your search experience and better align the product with the
the functionality of base SharePoint 2013.

 (Note: Callout Menu Requirement for SharePoint 2013 only)

3. Select List Views to Display Search Results

A common request we receive from our customers is the
capability to select an existing list view at runtime to determine which
columns will be displayed in the search results. Thus, in release 2.5, Simple
Search provides users with an option in the web part settings that allows
selecting a list view before trigger search. Enabling “Display List View
Selector” will surface the available list views in the search interface.

4. Highlight Terms in Search Results

You can now quickly locate relevant information at-a-glance,
owing to callout previous menus and the capability to highlight search terms in
the results.

An option to enable or disable this feature will be
available in the web part settings –

Search terms will be highlighted in the search results if
this option is enabled –

5. “Fill in” Choice Selection

In previous versions, if a choice column allowed “fill in”
choices, the same choices were not available for selection in our control. In our
the latest release, Simple Search allows you to show your own value with Choice (Fill

User-specified choices should be available for selection
from the drop-down list.

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