What’s new in Discussion Board Plus R2.5 – Part 4 of 6

Bamboo Push Email Service: Create a reply to an alert via email

In this article, Bamboo will show you how to use the push email service and create a reply to an alert via email. First, let’s take a look at creating an alert in Exchange.

Go to Central Administrator →  System Settings →  Click on Configure outgoing e-mail settings.

Fill in the information for:

Outbound SMTP server: For example:

Form address: For example: chauhuynh@bamboo.com

Go to Discussion Board Plus → Forum Settings in the Ribbon → Select Automatically alert authors checkbox

Log in to your site with a user who already has an email address, then create a topic in the Discussion Board Plus list.

Go to the Mailbox of the user who has just created a topic in the Discussion Board Plus list, and make sure you see an alert sent from the Discussion Board Plus list.

Click on the Reply button and type in the body of your email, keeping the content of the topic. Now click Send.