Time Tracking and Management R1.5 for SharePoint 2010 is Now Available!

Bamboo released Time Tracking & Management (TTM) for SharePoint 2010 as a new addition to our product line last year. Since that initial release, it has proved its usefulness and has gone on to become a popular solution for many customers who either need to track time and attendance, or track projected time spent against projects. We’ve learned from your feedback that organizations would also like to track the financial components that are associated with project management and time management, such as billing or cost against projects. As such, I’m pleased to announce the release of Time Tracking & Management (TTM) R1.5 for SharePoint 2010.

As it has since its inception, the new release of TTM fully integrates with Bamboo Project Management Central™ (PM Central) in SharePoint 2010 to leverage the collaboration and centralization aspects, as well as other SharePoint out-of-the-box features. See this blog post for more details on just how the two products work together as a flexible solution.

In the 1.5 release, we’ve added several major enhancements, and here are the details:

Ease of Use

Configuration checklists to simplify setup for time tracking and cost tracking.

Financial Management

  • AllCalculates the cost of work entered for timesheet tasks, including internal cost versus cost billable to customers.
  • Provides the ability to define rate types for cost codes to identify rates as individual, role-based, or global.
  • Allows timesheet managers to compare planned work and cost estimates with actual values before approving timesheets.
  • Can report actual work and actual cost to Project Management Central so project managers can compare with project estimates.

Process Management

  • New reminders for timesheet users and managers to ensure timesheets are submitted and approved on time. Also provides reminders for the submitters to modify and resubmit the rejected timesheets.


  •  New options to define workdays, maximum working hours, and overtime.


  • Additional predefined reports for actual work and past due timesheets, with options to export to Microsoft Excel or save to a list:
    • Actual Work Period
    • Actual Work Project
    • Actual Work Resource
    • Past Due Timesheets
  • Ability to export detailed timesheet data to a SharePoint list for analysis and custom reporting.


  • Leverage SharePoint security to control who can access the tools in the Control Panel and reports.

As your organization changes and its requirements change, we would like to continue working with you to get your feedback to provide functionality that best fits your needs.

Sign up and attend a webinar to find out if TTM is right for you and your organization, or try it out on our sandbox at your leisure. A free 30-day trial is also available for download here

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