This Week in Bamboo (September 21st, 2014 – September 27th, 2014)

This week in Bamboo, PM Central Release 4.3 and Task Master Release 4.0 was released to the storefront with many new improved features along with many resolved bugs.  Patches for the following products were also released at the same time:  Alert Plus, Video Library, Visual Indicator Column, KPI Column, and Site Creation Plus.  Please see below for more details on all of the changes, new features, bug fixes, limitations, and known issues related to additional products.

SA12 Project Management Central for SharePoint 2010 Release R4.3.59

New Features:

  • New alert is available in Alert Plus to notify users when reports have been generated and timestamps on the Report web parts showing the last update.
  • New Resource Report selector.
  • Added an option in the Portfolio Control Panel that allows an administrator to have the Auto Update checkbox associated with the Project Health list checked default.
  • New project templates with Bamboo Discussion Board Plus (requires separate purchase)
  • Rollup of Lessons Learned on the Portfolio site.
  • Portfolio Summary chart that shows a number of Projects’ status.
  • Updated layout for improved user experience.
  • Ability to import project plans from Excel with Task Master 4.0.
  • Ability to send email messages to task assignees directly from Task Master 4.0 (additional feature activation and web part configuration required).

Includes updated versions of the following components:

  • HW03 Tree View Web Part R1.7.86 (file version 10.7.86).
  • HW05 Alert Plus Web Part R3.3.148 (file version 30.3.148).
  • HW11A List Search Simple Web Part R2.2.48 (file version 20.2.48).
  • HW11B List Search Advanced Web Part R1.9.51 (file version 10.9.51).
  • HW14 Group Email Web Part R1.7.50 (file version 10.7.50).
  • HW20 Calendar Plus Web Part R4.5.190 (file version 40.5.190).
  • HW24 List Rollup Web Part R6.0.102 (file version 60.0.102).
  • HW27 Chart Plus Web Part R3.5.118 (file version 30.5.118).
  • HW28 Site Creation Plus R1.4.74 (file version 10.4.74).
  • HW37 Data-Viewer Web Part R3.6.81 (file version 30.6.81).
  • HW41J KPI Column R1.3.68 (file version 10.3.68).
  • HW41D Visual Indicator Column R1.3.64 (file version 10.3.64).
  • HW45 Task Master R4.0.101 (file version 40.0.101).
  • HW50 List Print R1.4.34 (file version 10.4.34).
  • HW55 Navigators R1.5.27 (file version 10.5.27).
  • SA35 Project Portfolio Dashboard R1.8.58 (file version 10.8.58).

New feature in components:

See HW45 Task Master 4.0 Release Notes for more information.
See SA75 Discussion Board Plus 2.0 Release Notes for more information.

Resolved Customer-Reported Bugs and Known Issues/Limitations:

  • When the search data of the department field in the User Profile Utility is two words, the search result returns no result.
  • Cannot create a new project at Bamboo PM Central Top-Level Site when the user does not have full control. In this version, the “Create new project” button will be invisible until the admin user grants this right to the user.
  • After configuring the tool pane of the Bamboo.TimeLineGantt web part, Web Part does not show all of the Milestones at the point the data is first displayed.
  • The project site name contains special characters, Risk chart cannot draw.
  • (Reporting) – Show error message at Resource Work Project and Project Department when having project lite save and no task is edited.
  • Cannot change the order of display of the department sites in the Department site web part in the portfolio site.
  • Specify column widths, Add conditional formatting, and Group Project Name on the Risks Data View on the Portfolio Site.
  • Add conditional formatting on the Risks Data View on the Project Site as Due dates that are >= [Today] appear in green bold text and Due Dates that are < [Today] appear in red bold text.
  • Risks Page on Portfolio site – The Bubble chart doesn’t show 3 dimensions.
  • Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning at the portfolio site might result in requests timed out in cases where there are 500 items or more in the Tasks list per project, with 40 or more project sites, assigned to 20 or more resources, and the time period spans over 2 years.
  • Cannot change the order of grouping of Bamboo Resource Work Allocation Month.
  • Cannot summarize the resource work month in the Resource Work Allocation Month report. In this version, the stacked bar is provided to do this.
  • Do not show a count of the projects of each status at the Bamboo PM Central Top-Level Site. In this version, a new chart named Portfolio Summary is added in the tab Portfolio Summary to do this.
  • The Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning report on the portfolio site does not show everyone in the ERP.
  • Reporting Tab on Portfolio tab – allow me to report on available resources Dept and Experience.
  • If the parent task has a predecessor and the parent task is a milestone, the Start Date of the parent task and the child task change based on the predecessor’s Due Date. For example, the working hours are set from 8:00 – 5:00 PM and the Start Date for the parent task and child task is 09/18/2013 8:00 AM. If the predecessor’s Due Date is 09/18/2013 5:00 PM, the Start Date and Due Date for the parent and child task are now changed to 09/19/2013 at 8:00 AM.
  • In the Gantt View of Active Projects on the portfolio site Schedules tab, special characters in the Project Manager field are expanded to their corresponding numeric value. For example, “D’Angelo” will be displayed as “D&#39Angelo”.
  • The Resource Assignments Gantt chart on the portfolio site may time out if more than 10,000 items are aggregated.

Known Issues:

  • Reporting in version R4.3 cannot support the query sentences of reports that belong to version R4.2 or earlier. Workaround: After upgrading to version R4.3, deleting the old query sentences is needed, apply the new query sentences then.
  • Show error when creating Top & Project has Site Path contains special character ex: ‘, {…
  • (Gantt Chart/ Resource Assignment) Show error js when creating a project have Project Name contain Special character as ex: ‘, {, […
  • Resource Assignments (Gantt chart and Performance) – If there are a lot of resource assignments and projects and therefore a large volume of data to update, information will not be updated immediately even after clicking Run Now with the Bamboo Gantt Chart Timer Job. See the troubleshooting section for the Resource Assignment not showing data online documentation for more information.
  • Resource Availability report – If the user selects to view the Resource Availability with a date range span across 2 years such as 12/1/2012 to 1/15/2013, the capacity for the first year will display as 0 instead of 8 hours for 1 day or 160 hours for 1 month.
  • When PM Central tasks are merged with Microsoft Project tasks using Microsoft Project Add-In and with Microsoft Add-In is set using the Auto Schedule option, if the tasks in SharePoint have a Start Date different than the Start Date of the project and tasks in Microsoft Project after the merge, the tasks will show up with the wrong Start Date and may result in breaking the parent-child relationship.
  • Reporting Timer Job – To improve reporting performance, the timer job in R4.0 is now changed to Bamboo Reporting Calculation Timer Job V4 and scheduled to run once a day. Users must select Remove All and Install twice instead of the Upgrade/Repair Existing and Install New for this timer job to change the name and change the schedule.
  • If you merge tasks between PM Central and Microsoft Project using the Microsoft Project Add-in, and the tasks have the same name with different Work Breakdown Structure, after the merge the tasks will show the wrong parent-child relationship and the wrong work breakdown structure.
  • When using the Request New PMC Project Site workflow, the title is missing in the breadcrumb in the form for Start Workflow.
  • When customizing any site page in SharePoint Designer, you must check out the page first. When you are finished editing in SharePoint Designer, save the page and check it in.
  • If you export tasks to Microsoft Project using the Bamboo Microsoft Project Add-in and then move a task in Microsoft Project, the task will be incorrectly displayed as a child task if you export the PM Central Tasks list again using the “Merge” option.
  • When exporting the Resource Task Timeline report to Excel, the Gantt bar does not show an accurate time span.
  • In User Profiles Import search results, the contents of the About Me field include HTML markup.
  • When upgrading PM Central, you must restart the Windows SharePoint Services Timer service before upgrading PM Central sites in Central Administration.
  • The User Profiles Import utility displays a maximum of 1000 results.
  • If a User Profiles Import search matches a large number of records, the request may time out and return a server error.
  • If you change an existing selection for the Project Department or Project fields in a report, the Resource field does not update with the choices that match the new Project Department and Project combination.
  • If a resource has tasks that span multiple years (e.g., 2009-2012), data cannot be displayed in the Resource Assignment Gantt chart on the portfolio site Resources page.
  • When Microsoft Project synchronizes task updates to a connected PM Central Tasks list, “Constraint Date” values of “NA” in Microsoft Project—which indicates a constraint type of “As Soon as Possible”—may be set to today’s date when synchronized to the PM Central Tasks list. This does not impact the project schedule.
  • Project Schedule and Scheduled Tasks baselines cannot be created if the project or tasks span three years or more.
  • When browsing a PM Central site in HTTPS, chart images exported from the Reporting Web Part to Microsoft Excel are displayed as a red “X” in the Excel workbook.
  • The “Quick Launch” feature is not visible when upgrading sites that were created in PM Central R1.8. Sites upgraded from R2.0 or higher correctly display the Quick Launch menu.
  • If a project site has unique permissions and its users do not have access to the portfolio site, data from the Enterprise Resource Pool in the portfolio site is still visible in the project site Contacts list.
  • After upgrading PM Central, the Project Portfolio Dashboard does not display data on the portfolio site’s Schedules tab or in the Portfolio Dashboard List after clicking Refresh for the first time. To resolve this issue, restart the SharePoint 2010 Timer service. See KB.12641 for more information.
  • Anonymous users are prompted for a username and password to access some PM Central pages.


  • When adding many resources to Resource Column, a popup appears “Item cannot be more than 256 characters”.
  • If users import or export tasks to and from Microsoft Project using the Bamboo Microsoft Project Add-in, it skips the accounts that contain characters such as “[” and “]”.
  • When using the Microsoft Project Add-In, if users modify the Outline level field in Microsoft Project without adjusting the WBS field, they will see an error during the merge between PM Central Tasks and Microsoft Project tasks, e.g. Outline Level field is 1 and WBS is 1.1.
  • Addin – New/Merge/Append to Microsoft Project – If the Cost and Actual Cost fields for the tasks and parent tasks are populated using Cost (Enter) and Actual Cost (Enter), when exporting to Microsoft Project for new/merge/append, the Cost and Actual fields in the Microsoft Project will not match what is in PM Central’s SharePoint tasks list.
  • If creating a Portfolio site that is the child of a Team site, the Bamboo Project Central Content Types feature must be activated before creating them.
  • In Web applications configured for Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) with anonymous access, an error is displayed in the Resource column when viewing tasks or resources.
  • In Web applications configured for Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) with anonymous access, charts are not displayed in all views of My Projects in portfolio and department sites.
  • When tasks are exported to Microsoft Project using the “Merge” option with the Bamboo Microsoft Project Add-in, child tasks may be merged to the wrong summary task if multiple summary tasks have the same name.
  • When importing tasks from Microsoft Project to a SharePoint Tasks list using the Bamboo Microsoft Project Add-in, the Constraint Date field cannot be updated if the Constraint Date in Microsoft Project is equal to “NA”.
  • Addin – Export to MS Project – Show Duration in MS Project don’t like Duration in SharePoint Task list with use case working mode between MS project and Task Master different. => WAD
  • The User Profile Import Utility can only map User Profile properties with a privacy setting of “Everyone”.
  • If data displayed using the Data-Viewer Web Part is grouped and a group of data spans multiple pages, all data for the same group may not be displayed continuously on the next page. For example, page 2 may start with a different data group instead of continuing the list of items from page 1.
  • Clicking “Add new item” in the Discussion tab does not display the New Item pop-up form.
  • After exporting a PM Central Tasks list using the “Connect to Microsoft Project” feature, new tasks created in Microsoft Project with a blank Start Date and Due Date will be incorrectly updated when the task is synchronized to PM Central with the “Synchronize” feature. The Start Date will be set to the Project Start Date from Microsoft Project, and the Due Date will be the next day.
  • When Microsoft Project synchronizes task updates to a connected PM Central Tasks lists, the “Assigned To” field value is not copied if it was updated in Microsoft Project to a resource name that does not exist in Active Directory.
  • If a Calculated column type is displayed in SharePoint Task Master, the calculated value is not updated when the user clicks Recalculate. To view the updated values for Calculated columns, refresh the browser using Control + F5.
  • Users cannot delete resources from the Enterprise Resource Pool in the department site if the department site is the root of the site collection. Users must go to the portfolio site to delete resources.
  • When users create a new Web Part Page in the portfolio site and try to make this page the default page by updating the URL in /_Layouts/AreaWelcomePage.aspx, they will receive the following error: “The site is not valid. The ‘Pages’ document library is missing.” This is a SharePoint limitation.
  • Users logged into the portfolio site with a site collection administrator account will not see rolled-up data in the following tabs: My Summary, Resources, Schedules, Issues, and Reporting. This is a SharePoint limitation. To change the limits, go to Central Administration > Manage Web Applications. Select the desired site collection, and then select General Settings > Resource Throttling from the ribbon to change the values.
  • In the “Tasks” tab of the project site under Tracking View, the headers for “Cost”, “Actual Cost” and “% Complete” are not aligned to the left like in other fields.

HW45 Task Master for SharePoint 2010 Release 4.0.101

New Features:

  • Support for multi-task copy and paste from Excel or MS Project.
  • Ability to drag and drop tasks to rearrange the project schedule.
  • Ability to indent/outdent a task from the Web Part.
  • Support display of decimal values for the Assignment Unit/ % Complete fields.
  • Quick Edit option is available from the Task Master toolbar.
  • Web Part can be configured to Inherit Site Theme.
  • Change Work and Duration columns to default to hours.
  • Allow resources to be assigned/re-assigned inline.
  • Option to use with HW79 Send Message Web Part (Packed with Task Master) to send messages to task assignees.

Include HW79 Send Message version R1.0.27. Separate feature activation and web part configuration are required.

Resolved Customer-Reported Bugs and Known Issues/Limitations:

  • Assigned To column is less than 255 characters.
  • The Web Part interface shows a large blank space at the bottom and it cannot be adjusted through the Web Part.
  • %Complete column shows decimal on Web Part even Number of decimal places of the column is set to ZERO.
  • Text changes: Change Data Source from “SharePoint Lists and Libraries” to “SharePoint List” since Task Master only supports lists and not libraries.
  • When a milestone is changed to a task with the mode using Start Date and Duration with the condition “Increase or decrease duration so the task ends sooner or later but requires the same total work”, if additional resources are added in the Edit Form then the total work is changed. The issue does not occur when using inline editing.
  • When Task Master is configured to automatically save changes made to the task list, the Gantt chart may display the wrong % Complete for a task the first time you click Recalculate. Click Recalculate again to see the correct value.
  • Tasks cannot be saved and will show an error message when assigned to 11 users.

Known Issues:

  • The configurations for List Rollup Data Source in the Toolpane are not saved after clicking Apply, Ok button when accessing the site on IE11- HTTPS.
  • Automatically set color for Milestone column when upgraded new task list of Task Master in German package because the word “Normal” indicates an important level of the task in English and German are the same.
  • The task still is highlighted although users clicked Recalculate and Save buttons.
  • The decimal of Assignment Unit, %Complete, %Work Complete on UI is different with Item View when setting the “Number of decimal places” of those columns to “Automatic”.
  • When adding two Web Parts to the site, this Web Part’s Site Theme option is applied to another one that does not enable the site theme.
  • When inserting a new item, the default value of the start date is set virtual server’s date time instead of the Client’s date time.
  • When a task is created but has no input/update for Percent Complete of task so when the user clicks Recalculate to finish the input/update action, the Assignment Unit is not set to 100%, Duration is not counted, Work is not calculated. This is different with Task Master version 3.0, Assignment Unit value is default set to 100%, and Duration and Work are summed up.
  • Clicking the Save button is needed every time dragging and dropping a task. Task Master does not support drag/ drop over two times.
  • If the parent task has a predecessor and the parent task is a milestone, the Start Date of the parent task and the child task change based on the predecessor’s Due Date. For example, the working hours is set from 8:00 – 5:00 PM and the Start Date for the parent task and child task is 09/18/2013 8:00 AM. If the predecessor’s Due Date is 09/18/2013 5:00 PM, the Start Date and Due Date for the parent and child task are now changed to 09/19/2013 at 8:00 AM.
  • The pop-up form for the Assigned To and Assignment Units moves outside of the display when scrolling the browser window using the scroll bar.
  • Show JavaScript error when editing resources in inline editing. After changing the Assignment Units (such as from 100 to 90), users are required to click Enter before clicking OK.
  • In the inline editing, if the pop-up form for the Assigned To and Assignment Units is displayed past the right of the Task Master display then the percent value for the Assignment Units column cannot be filled.
  • The Web Part sometimes displays the SharePoint error message “An unexpected error has occurred.” Refresh the page using Control + F5 to clear it.
  • If the summary task has a predecessor, the start date of a child task will not change based on the due date of the parent task predecessor if the child task has a constraint.
  • Gantt bars are not displayed in the Print Preview. The Gantt bars print correctly.
  • If a selected summary task is collapsed when you click Show Items, child tasks are not displayed in the filtered view.
  • When a task spans multiple days and includes time outside working hours, the task duration bar in the Gantt chart is longer than a task with the same duration that does not include time outside working hours.


  • The print option is not available in Task Master 4.0.  Bamboo recommends using the keyboard Print Screen option as an alternative.
  • Can’t drag and drop the parent task. This is a limitation of TreeGrid control.
  • When assigning multiple resources in the form and save and the assignees are not sorted in ascending order, in the Datasheet View from the Assigned To’s drop-down the last assignee is unchecked even after clicking on the Recalculate button and Save.
  • Task Master shows incorrect Predecessor Tasks when tasks are imported using Microsoft Add-in import where the title contains special characters such as | / *.
  • If Task Master is configured to exclude certain days, such as weekends, and the task Start Date and Due Date fall on an excluded date, Task Master will compute that task as a milestone.
  • To use the same color for all milestone tasks, you must first select a Choice column and then select the same color for all choices.
  • Users cannot add the Web Part into a rich content zone on team sites.
  • If you make several view changes quickly and then edit a task using the Edit Item form, Task Master may not accurately set the focus back to the item you were editing when you save it and return to the Task Master Web Part.
  • When using the Print feature, clicking Cancel in the Print Settings dialog box also cancels the Print Preview.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality in the Gantt chart is limited to dragging a task item to change its schedule and duration.

HW05 Alert Plus for SharePoint 2010 Release 30.3.148

Bug Fixes:

  • Debugging tools may show HTTPS warnings when accessing a page that contains the Alert Plus Web Part.
  • When the Alert Plus configuration list is copied from an existing site to a new site, alerts with custom schedules and based on List Rollup data do not run on the new site.
  • Compatibility updates to support use with Project Management Central version 4.3.
No New Known Issues or New Limitations

HW69 Video Library for SharePoint 2010 Release 2.0.106

Bug Fixes:

  • The Workflow Conductor template gallery is not accessible if Video Library Web Part and Workflow Conductor are deployed on the same server.
No New Known Issues or New Limitations

HW41D Visual Indicator Column for SharePoint 2010 Release 1.3.64

Bug Fixes:

  • The Visual Indicator column does not show color correctly when displaying two or more lists on a single page.
  • Compatibility updates to support use with Project Management Central version 4.3.

    No New Known Issues or New Limitations

HW41J KPI Column for SharePoint 2010 Release 1.3.68 

Bug Fixes:

  • Compatibility updates to support use with Project Management Central version 4.3.
No New Known Issues or New Limitations

HW28 Site Creation Plus for SharePoint 2010 Release 1.4.74

Bug Fixes:

  • Compatibility updates to support use with Project Management Central version 4.3.
No New Known Issues or New Limitations

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