This Week in Bamboo (October 5th, 2014 – October 11th, 2014)

At Bamboo this week, a minor release of List Search Advanced Web Part Release 1.9 for SharePoint 2013 was released to the storefront with new feature that allows users the option to filter and sort search results using the column headings.  Patches for the following products were also released at the same time: World Clock and Weather Web Part, and List Rollup Web Part.  Please see below for more details about this week’s releases.

HW11B List Search Advanced for SharePoint 2013 Release

New Features:
•    Allow users the option to filter and sort search results using the column headings.
•    Added gridlines to the search results Print Preview function.
Resolved Customer-Reported Bugs and Known Issues/Limitations:

•    “The webpage cannot be found” message is displayed when attempting to open the document with the file name containing a plus sign (+).
•    Rating Column icons are not displayed correctly in the print preview mode.
Known Issues:
•    The browser may display a JavaScript error when searching List Rollup data containing more than 50,000 items.
•    Search results may display blank rows when searching a Schema Rollup from an anonymous permission site Discussion list.
•    Accessing the View Item context menu option using Firefox browser redirects the user to the source list.
•    Executing search using the Enter key on an anonymous permission site accessed using Firefox browser may display a security validation error message.
•    Navigating between search results using pagination for lists containing more than 10,000 items may refresh the page.
•    Multiline Text columns containing large font sizes may overlap the column text in Print Preview mode.
•    Selecting the Cancel button from the Approve/Reject context menu option through the search results displays a JavaScript error.
•    No results are returned when using the “Not Null” or “Is Null” search criteria where data may exist.
•    Display results views do not inherit the “Group By” view as defined in the list settings. 


•    When accessing a Project Management Central site using Internet Explorer 8 or 9 browsers, the List Search Advanced filter and sort options cannot be displayed if the web part is added to page also containing the Task Master and Data-Viewer web parts.  Please note that this is a styleSheet limitation in Internet Explorer 8 and 9:
•    The Name column of a Document Library cannot be filtered if the column contains special characters. This is a SharePoint limitation.

HW17 World Clock and Weather Web Part for SharePoint 2007 Release 2.4.50, SharePoint 2010 Release 2.4.57 and SharePoint 2013 Release

Bug Fixes:

•    Yahoo weather feed is displaying an error.
•    MSN weather feed is displaying an error.

HW24 List Rollup Web Part for SharePoint 2013 Release

Bug Fixes:

•    The Grid View Web Part shows “No records to display” when attempting to filter on a multi-value Person or Group column.
•    After modifying the French.xml file, the Schema Rollup Web Part fails when creating data.
•    Compatibility updates to support use with List Search Advanced
No New Known Issues or New Limitations

HW17 World Clock and Weather Web Part for SharePoint 2007 Release 2.4.53

Bug Fixes:

•    Yahoo weather feed is displaying an error.

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