This Week in Bamboo (March 9th, 2014 – March 15th, 2014)

This week in Bamboo, we added some new features in Alert Plus Release 3.3 for SharePoint 2010 and released to the storefront along with bug fixes for the following patch update of Password Reset Web PartTeam CalendarList Search Simple Web Part, and Virtual Map View Web Part. Please see below for more details about the list of this week’s releases.

HW05 Alert Plus for SharePoint 2010 Release 3.3.141

New Features:


  • Under “Recipient(s)>Send to a fixed set of Users or E-mail Addresses”:
    • Added a new option for “Search SharePoint Users”. 
    • Updated the text of options “Email Address List” to “Enter E-mail Addresses” and “User List” to “Select from List”.



  • Under the “Recipient(s)>Send to members of a SharePoint Site or Cross-Site Group”:
    • New option “Search SharePoint Groups”, ability to perform on editing alert of large data.


Bug Fixes:

  • Web part can be very slow when editing alerts in environments with a large number of users (>10,000) and/or groups (>1,000).
  • Changed text of word “Upgrade” to “Update” in Alert Plus Utilities setup.
  • When appending MouseOver functions to the end of the URL where the Alert Plus Web Part (ex. “?IsDlg=1″%20onMouseOver=alert(11650)//”), a JavaScript error may occur when mousing over an alert. 
  • Alerts cannot be saved if spaces are included after semicolons in a list of email addresses (example:;

Known Issues:

  • When an alert job for Alert Plus is connected to Bamboo List Rollup Web Part, there is no support for Advanced Filtering (CALM Query) to filter on metadata column. 
  • Alerts are not sent for documents if the Document Library option “Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited?” is set to “Yes”. Workaround: Create an “item exists” alert on the document library. Enter the CAML statement Created = [Today]. Set Follow-up Wait Days to 1 or 2. 
  • E-mail is not sent for “item created” alerts on a document library if the CAML query is checking a Date and Time column in the library. 
  • If an alert is created on a “My Tasks” view, the Last Run Status will display the following error: “Input string was not in a correct format.” This is because the view query is based on a user ID that is not available when Alert Plus runs. 
  • Alerts for items in an InfoPath Form Library selected using a CAML query may fail in some cases.



  • Email not sent when an alert is run on an Approval Workflow list Status column. 
  • Cannot start a workflow on recurring items.
  • In certain cases, Outlook will prompt for a login if the alert message contains images from a SharePoint Picture Library.
  • In the Mail Format tab, the special token {ColumnName/Old} is only valid for the alert triggers “A specific column in the list changes” or “An item in the list is deleted”. 
  • Outlook clients cannot view images included in an Alert Plus e-mail body using Image Manager or the <IMG> tag if viewing the image link requires authentication. 
  • Alert Plus supports alerts on recurring items in a Calendar list. However, if the series is modified and a user has an “item modified” alert on the recurring item, the user will get an alert for each item in the series. 
  • When selecting alert recipients using the “Lookup an E-mail Address in another List (Advanced)” option, the columns linking the lookup list to the alert list must be the same data type. 
  • Column display names are no longer supported in CAML queries for alerts on List Rollup Schemas. Use the “Upgrade Alert Plus” tab in the Alert Plus Utilities to fix existing List Rollup Schema alerts that use display names in CAML queries. 
  • Some custom schedules from previous Alert Plus versions are not fully supported in Alert Plus 3.1. See “Upgrading Alert Plus” in the Online Documentation for more information. 
  • Column values containing URL to content in the same SharePoint site results in the URL changing from absolute path (http://servername/…) to relative path (../) resulting in invalid URL in the e-mail message body. Recommended workaround is the user of TinyURL 
  • Alert Plus alerts are not triggered if based on the change of value for column Workflow Status as Workflow does not modify the item when it changes this column value. 


HW10 Password Reset Web Part for SharePoint 2010 Release 2.4.73

Bug Fixes: 


  • Trailing whitespace at the end of the system generated password in email caused login to fail.
  • Resetting password failed for users in the “Domain Users” AD group even when group was added to SharePoint.


No New Known Issues or New Limitations

HW34 Team Calendar for SharePoint 2010 Release 1.7.26

Bug Fixes:


  • In certain cases, when displaying over 200 items in the Month view, the Web Part load time is delayed and may cause a time out.


No New Known Issues or New Limitations

HW11A List Search Simple Web Part for SharePoint 2007 Release 2.1.103

Bug Fixes:


  • Searching data fields using the “In Between” operator requires the user to input values.
  • Fixed dispose and Cross-Site Scripting prompt.
  • Using the Partial Word Search method against a calculated column does not return search results. For example, the search string Tes does not match Test, Tests, or Testing.
  • Email addresses longer than 35 characters are displayed as text and not as hyperlinks.


New Limitations:


  • A search string consisting of more than 11 terms in the “Search in all columns for” field returns a Web Part error.


HW31 Virtual Map View Web Part for SharePoint 2020 Release 1.9.53

Bug Fixes:


  • Map markers are not displayed on maps when accessing via Unified Access Gateway (UAG).
  • The digital signature for the Virtual Map View installation package is missing a time stamp.
  • Hyperlinks do not open in a new window/tab. 
  • Map markers are not displayed on maps when accessing via https.
  • Map will not display more than 20 items, even if list contains more. 


No New Known Issues or New Limitations

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