This Week in Bamboo (March 3rd, 2013 – March 9th, 2013)

For this week in Bamboo, we resolved some bugs and released the following patches to the storefront: Password Expiration Web Part, Rich Text Column, List Bulk Import, and Cross-Site Display Web Part.  More details about the patches can be found below.

HW23 Password Expiration Web Part for SharePoint 2010 (Release 1.6.43)

Bug Fixes:

• Incorrect password expiration date displayed (-1 day).
• Password expiration message shown for users whose passwords never expire.

No new Known Issues or Limitations

HW41C Rich Text Column for SharePoint 2010 (Release 1.3.25)

• Bamboo Rich Text Column now uses Bamboo Web License Manager version
Bug Fixes:

• List view displays pictures on the root site for Bamboo Rich Text Columns, but not on other site collections created using managed paths.
No new Known Issues and Limitations

HW18 List Bulk Import for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 (Release 2.5.105)

Bug Fixes:

• Values of Modified field do not retrieve and update correctly when using Bulk import.
• All data types are not shown when importing the first time to Document list in the document library.
• The bulk import replaces the existing attached file when import more attached files to an item.
• Cannot import data to a folder in the document library.
• When using Forms Based Authentication (FBA) for authentication, the metadata columns are blank when importing into a document library.

No new Known Issues and Limitations

HW63 Cross-Site Display Web Part for SharePoint 2007 (Release 1.1.30)

Bug Fixes:

• Display incorrect data when clicking to view a lookup column.

No new Known Issues and Limitations