This Week in Bamboo (June 17th, 2012 – June 23rd, 2012)

At Bamboo this week, List Rollup Web Part R6.0 for SharePoint 2010 was released to the storefront with new improvements, new features and some resolved bugs.  For details about the new release of List Rollup please see our Product Manager Announcement blogs: Continued Evolution: List Rollup Web Part Release 6.0 is Now Available.  At the same time, we released the patches for Tree View, List Search Simple, Alert Plus, Data-Viewer and Filters Collection.  Please check out our storefront for the latest releases and review the list below for more details about the patches of this week.

List Rollup Web Part for SharePoint 2010 (6.0.39)

New Features:

• Extended the List Rollup Schema Architecture to support two aggregation services.

o Bamboo Aggregation Service – Formerly dedicated to List Rollup Classic Edition. Aggregate lists and columns of any type into a single view.
o SharePoint Aggregation Service – Formerly dedicated to List Rollup Schemas (Release 5.0). Aggregates lists and columns of same type with faster performance.

• Added features to List Rollup Grid View Web Part

o Security feature to define which users can modify the grid view settings.
o Modify the look and feel of the Web Part selecting a predefined skin or customizing the Web Part CSS.
o Additional Grouping and Sorting capabilities to include:

 Site Name (special List Rollup column)
 List Name (special List Rollup column)
 Hyperlink
 Calculated

o Additional Filtering capabilities to include:

 People and Group (Multiple Selection)
 Lookup (Multiple Selection)

o Calculated

• Retired List Rollup Classic Edition Web Parts. Users can utilize the new tool Migration of Data Views found in the Bamboo Schema Designer Web Part to migrate existing List Rollup Data Views to the List Rollup Schema architecture.

Bug Fixes:

• List Rollup Data View: Users receive an error when performing a ‘Sort’ or ‘Group’ within the List Rollup Data View in run time.
• List Rollup Classic Edition and List Rollup Schema Designer: When filtering lists using the <add value> feature in the CAML Query results in no data returned.
• List Rollup Schema Designer: If a list contains referential columns associated to a lookup, List Rollup Schema Designer will throw an error if these referential columns are included in the roll up.
• List Rollup Grid View Web Part: Grouping on a People and Groups column does not work properly.

New Known Issues:

• List Rollup Grid View Web Part: If the scope of recurring events is very large, List Rollup Grid View Web Part loads very slowly.
• List Rollup Schema Designer: When modifying the schema “Timesheet Tasks Rollup” in the Bamboo Time Tracking and Management application, user will initially receive the error “”GetOldColumn: Column ‘CostEnterCode’ does not exist.[…]”. To resolve, click “Create/Update Schema and then reopen the schema in List Rollup Schema Designer.
• List Rollup Grid View Web Part: Sort incorrectly after grouping on columns of type Calculated, Currency or Date and Time
• List Rollup Data View: Date column displays incorrectly if the Regional Settings time zone is different from server time zone
• List Rollup Data View: Content of the Data View fails to display when the roll up contains over 15,000 items.

HW03 Tree View Web Part for SharePoint 2010 (1.7.80)

Bug Fixes:

• Tree View Web Part fails to fill the full width of Web Part Zones with certain custom master pages.

No new Known Issues or Limitations.

HW11a List Search Simple Web Part for SharePoint 2007 (2.1.80) and SharePoint 2010 (2.1.177)

Bug fixes:

• Internet Explorer crashes when accessing List Search Simple Web Part through Citrix.
• If the data source is InfoPath Library, users receive the error “”The document cannot be opened. It was not possible to find a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation compatible application to edit the document” when opening the InfoPath Form from search results.
• Export to excel did not include the all the items in the search results.
• One of the fields returned in the search result is the e-mail address, user clicked on the address to open up outlook and when finished with the e-mail and close Outlook the wait window will continue to display and did not close properly.
• Customer has a list with a multi line of text type, the records contain some tags in HTML. After Search with HW11A, user clicks on Export to Excel button. The excel file showed as many rows instead of 1 row for each record.

No New Known Issues or Limitations.

HW05 Alert Plus for SharePoint 2007 (3.2.85) and SharePoint 2010 (3.2.91)

New Features: (NOTE: only in SP 2010, these features already exist in earlier release of SP 2007)

• Two new tokens are available in the Mail Format tab:

o {ItemURL} returns just the item url. Can be used in <a href> tag for example <a href=”{ItemURL}”> Link to item</a>
o {SiteURL} returns just the site url. Can be used in <a href> tag for example <a href=”{SiteURL}”> Link to site</a>

Bug Fixes:

• Unable to get values when columns have special names. Some columns are not populating data when special characters (grave, parentheses, underscore, etc.) are in the name.
• Custom timer job problems occurred when changing some schedules. A customer reported that after editing an alert’s custom schedule, they were still getting emails referencing the old, outdated schedule.
• Alerts fail to send when the recipient is set to “Lookup an Email Address in the Alert List” and the value of the selected lookup column is a SharePoint Group instead of a User. *SharePoint 2010 only
• Alerts fail to send on expanded recurring events. *SharePoint 2010 only

New Limitation:

• Column values containing URL to content in the same SharePoint site results in the URL changing from absolute path (http://servername/…) to realative path (../) resulting in invalid URL in the e-mail message body. Recommended workaround is the user of TinyURL * SharePoint 2010 only

HW37 Data-Viewer Web Part for SharePoint 2010 (3.4.66)

Bug Fixes:

• The error message “Invalid usage of aggregate function SUM() and Type:String” occurs when summing the values in a Calculated column.

HW61 Filters Collection for SharePoint 2007 (1.3.13) and SharePoint 2010 (1.3.18)

Bug Fixes:

• SharePoint List Filter Web Part: If the connected list contains a Choice column and a values includes any special character, the error “The XmlDefinition property contains invalid XML” occurs when filtering.


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