This Week in Bamboo (July 20th, 2014 – July 26th, 2014)

At Bamboo, a major release of Discussion Board Plus Release 2.0 for SharePoint 2010 was released to the storefront this week with many new features along with a patch update of Bamboo Validator Column. Please check out our Product Manager Announcement blog for more info about Discussion Board Plus 2.0 and see below for a complete list of great new features, bug fixes, limitations, and known issues about the new releases.

SA75 Discussion Board Plus for SharePoint 2010 Release 2.0.59

New Features:

  • Updated licensing to remove the limitation on the number of forums allowed per site collection.
  • Option to mark single or multiple posts as verified answers.
  • Ability to move a topic to another Discussion Board Plus list, with an email alert sent to the topic’s author and replies when moved.
  • Ability to create private topics, private replies, and share topics with other users.
  • Option to like/unlike a topic or reply with a display of the number and names of users that have liked a post.
  • Ability to place tags on a topic to be used for filtering and search purposes.
  • Pagination function that allows navigation via page number buttons. The number of topics or posts per page is defined in the list settings.
  • Ability to navigate to the next topic or previous topic once a topic has been selected.
  • Option to reply with or without attaching the original quoted content.
  • Option to display the message container on the right or bottom of the user information icon in the Flat and Thread views.
  • Ability to sort or filter dynamically from the Forum View interface.

Include the updated versions of the following products:

Bug Fixes:

  • Internal bug fixes.

New Limitations:

  • When using Discussion Board Plus on a site that was created using a template, the Word Tags in the search string are lost. Workaround: Go to Forum settings then click the ‘Ok’ button.
  • The “Add new private discussion” option is not displayed in the New Item menu in the Ribbon.
  • When editing/creating a new discussion, the filtering data for the Tags field are not displayed in the list box.
  • Simple Search Web Part does not show the attachment icon in the search results.
  • The Lock Topic and Mark as Sticky options are not available in the ribbon if a Discussion Board Plus list is added to a Web Part Page. The options are available in the Edit Control Block (ECB) menu.
  • The view count for a topic is displayed incorrectly if Content Approval is enabled for the Discussion Board Plus list.
  • Moving topic is only supported within one site collection and must not be a private topic, marked as sticky, locked, or contain private replies.

New Known Issues:

  • The columns named “Like” and “Share Topic” are not supported in Simple Search Web Part.
  • When viewing a discussion thread that resulted from the List Search Simple Web Part’s search results and clicking on the Quote Message, the Close icon for the window is hidden.


  • Users must clear their browser cache using Control + F5 after upgrading from version 1.0 or 1.1 to 1.5 or 1.5 to 2.0 to resolve an error that displays.

HW41E Bamboo Validator Column for SharePoint 2013 Release

Bug Fixes:

  • The Range Comparison check box in the column settings page is not enabled when selecting the “Data and Time” type when creating a Bamboo Validator column.

No New Known Issues or New Limitations.