This Week in Bamboo (January 25th, 2015 – January 31st, 2015)

This week in Bamboo, a minor release of In/Out Schedule Board for SharePoint 2013 was released to the storefront. At the same time, we resolved some bugs and released the following patches for: Bamboo Column Level Security, List Rotator Web Part and List Print.  For a complete list of bug fixes, new features, limitations and known issues about this week’s releases, please see below.

SA06 In/Out Schedule Board for SharePoint 2013 Release

New Features:

•    Home Tab:

o    Allow users the option to perform on-the-fly filtering, grouping, and sorting of data through the Web Part interface.
o    Ability to configure the default sort order of items up to two columns.

•    Calendar Tab:

o    Ability to set the custom width for all display columns.
o    Improvements to the color coded Gantt bar display for easier identification of status.
o    Ability to configure the default sort order of the Employee/Subject column.

•    Ability to display a default selection of departments in the Web Part interface.
Bug Fixes:

•    Users are unable to edit a single item of a recurring event without changing the entire series.

Known Issues:

•    The AutoSelect color button causes a DOM Exception Error when accessing the web part setting using Chrome or Firefox browsers.
•    Certain elements of the user interface may not display correctly when accessing the Web Part settings using Firefox browsers.
•    Some user information may not export to Excel after grouping Start or End Time columns.
•    The Employee and Location columns do not remain fixed while scrolling in the Gantt view.
•    In web applications configured for Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) using the Contacts List Template, inputting user may display a “No exact match was found. Click the item(s) that did not resolve for more options” error. (Workaround: Replace username input format from domain:username to domain|username).
•    The In and Out Status Board Web Part does not display the start and end dates if the Web Part is added to a site created without the In/Out Schedule Board site templates.


•    The Export to Word option may not export pictures into MS Word if the correct access between SharePoint and Word does not exist.

HW41G Bamboo Column Level Security for SharePoint 2010 Release 1.3.48

Bug Fixes:

•    Unable to use Active Directory security groups to define read or edit access to columns.
•    Column Level Security does not work correctly with SharePoint Document Sets.

No New Limitations and Known Issues

HW21 List Rotator Web Part for SharePoint 2010 Release 2.5.119

Bug Fixes:

•    Each rotating image is saved as a separate event in the SharePoint ULS log files.
•    Slideshow transition effects do not function in a page published using Unified Access Gateway (UAG).
New Known Issues:
•    Upgrading List Rotator Web Part from version 2.5.87 to version 2.5.107 causes a JavaScript error (WORKAROUND: After upgrading to List Rotator R2.5.107, please clear the browser cache [Ctrl+F5]).
New Limitations:
•    Images from a Hyperlink or Picture column type are not supported when rotating a custom list.

HW50 List Print for SharePoint 2010 Release

Bug Fixes:
•    Hidden columns may appear in the preview when printing Group By list views.
New Limitations:
•    Leading zeros (numeric characters) in a single line of text column are removed when exporting to Excel (Workaround: Add a leading apostrophe (‘) to the Excel cell).

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